The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets – Part 1

It’s that time of year again… it’s time to pull out your LEGO Holiday sets! Are you like us, pulling out your sets just after Halloween? We like to do that so we can enjoy them for longer periods of time. Just doesn’t seem as fun to display them for a month…

And this year, we have a new home in which to display our MOC. Our plan is to invite friends over once we set it up again this weekend. We love to see all the little (and big) kids “oooh” and “aaah”, so we have plans to change around our setup a bit. It will also allow us to add some of the newer items to the mix. But enough about us…

Since you’re probably here because you’re on the hunt for your own LEGO Holiday sets, I thought it was about time that I updated this series of posts for 2017. So, for the next 5 days, (yes, even on the weekend) I will be posting one part of our 5-part series on LEGO Holiday sets, with updates for items added this year.  I also added a section titled “Where to Buy”, as it didn’t occur to me until recently that it probably wasn’t completely clear where exactly you could purchase these sets.

Make sure you come back each day for the 2017 updated version! Now, without further ado… Here is Part 1 of The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets!

For us, it’s the time of the year we like to bring home a little holiday cheer. That is, of course, how our LEGO winter village started. We have probably looked at almost all the possible LEGO sets for a holiday scene. Since you’re most likely a LEGO lover, we thought we’d share with you what we like to call The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets!

The original post I wrote was long and image intensive. So much so I finally had to break it into parts in order to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It also has affiliate links to Amazon and LEGO Shop@Home which help us keep this site running, at no additional cost to you.

We have many of the following LEGO sets in our Winter Village MOC and therefore we highly recommend these. (Swing on over to our Winter Village MOC blog post to see most of them in action.)

The others we don’t have are either because:

a – they were released as promos in previous years when we weren’t collecting, or
b – they just didn’t go well with our village, or
c – we’ve bought them, but simply don’t have enough space for them in our MOC at this moment.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t worth collecting or adding to your build… just that we don’t have them.

Finally, while I did call this The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets, I’m sure to have missed a few here or there. Hopefully, instead of flaming me, you’ll just leave me a kind comment about the missing set below.



LEGO Winter Village Sets

We’re going to start by focusing on  the LEGO Winter Village sets. These will most likely be the bread and butter of your holiday decorations. With lots of festive details, you’ll find you’ll really enjoy these sets as the basis of a winter village…hence the name.


LEGO Winter Village Station (10259)

LEGO Winter Village Station 10259

To pair up with the 2016 LEGO Winter Holiday Train Set, LEGO released the LEGO Winter Village Station. If you already have the train, this set will come with 4 additional pieces of track for you to combined them. While we the station looks a bit meager, you can always look at it as an opportunity to improve on your building skills and add some additional walls and maybe a second floor.

We haven’t opened ours yet, so we can’t really comment on how well we like the set, but don’t let that stop you from picking up your own station!

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Holiday Train Set (10254)

LEGO Holiday Train - LEGO Christmas Train

This is the train LEGO Winter Village fans have been waiting for! Released last year (2016), the LEGO Winter Holiday Train is an exciting collection of festive Christmas elements decorating this Power Functions enable-able train! If you’re looking to add movement to your LEGO Winter Village, check out our review of on how to power the LEGO Winter Holiday Train.

This one is worth adding to your Winter Village layout.

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop (10249)

LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop

The 2015 release for the winter village line is the LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10249). This was actually a re-release of one of the original winter village sets, the LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10199) from 2009 with some new pieces. I wrote about the re-release in another blog post, but either way, this is one of those sets you will want in your winter village or for your Christmas decorations. The set is now again retired, but you can find it on

Where to buy


LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop (10245)

LEGO Creator Santa's Workshop (10245)

This set was released in 2014. Ours is at the top of our winter village display and we have Santa flying off of a mountain. (That really looks more fun than it sounds.) The LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop is retired, but can still be found on

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Village Market (10235)

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Market (10235)

We use this one towards the front of our winter village display. The mini markets surround a hockey rink MOC we made. This set was retired in 2014, but is a great addition to any holiday decoration setup. You can purchase the LEGO Winter Village Market on

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Village Cottage (10229)

LEGO Winter Village Cottage 10229

A nice addition to the winter village setup, this will be the largest building you have in your displays. This set was retired in 2013, but you can still find the LEGO Winter Village Cottage on

Where to buy


LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery (10216)LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216

Released in 2010, this is one of our favorite LEGO holiday sets. We set it up with a little girl minifigure pressing her face up against the window. While this set is retired, you can still purchase the LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery on

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Village Post Office (10222)

LEGO Winter Village Post Office 10222

The LEGO Winter Village Post Office was released in 2011. An excellent addition to your winter village, as every village needs a post office. This set is retired and therefore no longer sold on Shop@Home, but you can still find it on

Where to buy


LEGO Make & Create Holiday Train (10173)

LEGO Make & Take Holiday Train 10173

This train is the one that started the obsessive search for the holiday train. We choose to create a holiday train based on the LEGO Hogwart’s Express train, because this one was just way too expensive. However, if you find you can swing the moola for this train (or you just want something different than the new LEGO Winter Holiday Train above, you can pick this one up on Amazon.

Where to buy


While I did say this was a complete list, I may have missed one here or there. What other sets would you add to make this list of ultimate LEGO holiday sets complete?


Interested in seeing more of The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets posts? Check out the other parts below:


16 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets – Part 1

  1. Reading this on the train so I might have missed it, but I think you may have omitted the Christmas Gingerbread House (40139) as another nice addition to a winter/Christmas scene. We use it as a centre piece for a Christmas market area of the village!

    1. You are absolutely right, Mike! Cannot believe I completely forgot about it. It must be because we didn’t have space for ours last year and so we just didn’t build it. Gonna have to go dig it out…

      I love your idea of making it the centerpiece of a Christmas market. May have to take a page from your book!

      Thanks again and I’ll get that added today!

  2. Does anyone know if the two 2017 holiday sets will be available for purchase separately. or do you have to buy a bunch of stuff to get them?

    1. Hi James – LEGO usually does a mix of both. They will have a holiday set and seasonal sets that they release and then they will also have holiday-related promos that you can only get via purchase. They’ve already released the holiday set for this year for VIP members and it will be available for all to purchase on October 1st: LEGO Creator Winter Village Station.

  3. I would love to know were i can buy some of these Christmas holiday set’s for my Lego town please let me know thank you and marry Christmas to all

    1. Hey Johnnie! Thanks for writing in. Obviously, some of these sets are discontinued, so you can no longer find them in the LEGO store. If you click on the affiliate links in the articles, you’ll be directed to Amazon and eBay. These are your best bet for finding the discontinued sets. Best of luck!

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