The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets – Part 4

On  Monday, we started reposting an update to an older blog post series, The Ultimate List of LEGO Holiday Sets. Today, we move forward with Part 4 of this series. We hope you enjoy the update to the list!


Love the holidays? So do we! That’s why we’ve been making a list of LEGO holiday sets available over the years… or at the very least, the ones we know about. We’ve already gone over the LEGO Winter Village series, winter village filler polybags and LEGO Advent Calendars. Today we’ll go over some of the standalone LEGO holiday sets you can use to decorate around the house.


Standalone LEGO Holiday Sets

This sets don’t quite fit into a winter village scene, but they make nice standalone holiday decorations.

LEGO Nutcracker (40254)

LEGO Nutcracker 40254

This cute little guy is tots-adorbs. The Little Brick loves nutcrackers, so I plan on letting her build this one out. You could only get him as a promo with purchases over $99 at the LEGO store for November 2017. I hope you got one, ’cause I expect this will get expensive on the second market.

Where to buy


 LEGO Jolly Santa (30478)

LEGO Jolly Santa 30478 polybag

If you love brickbuilt figures, here is another one for you. This LEGO Jolly Santa polybag is showing up in Target stores nationwide for the 2017 holiday season. He’d be a fun figure to add to your collection!

Where to buy

LEGO Reindeer (30474)

LEGO Reindeer 30474

This brick built reindeer polybag was released in stores for the 2016 holiday season. I’m not a fan of brick built figures, but this one is adorable with the collar bells. No longer in stores, that I can see, you’ll have to get him on the second market.

Where to buy


LEGO Snowglobe (40223)

LEGO Snowglobe 40223

This cute little snowglobe was a promotional item from November and December 2016 that was free with a qualifying purchase. I finally put him together last weekend and added him to our winter village as a park centerpiece. It was definitely a fun build. If you can get your hans on it, I highly recommend it!

Where to buy


LEGO Elves’ Workshop (40205)

LEGO Elves' Workshop 40205

This box set was introduced by LEGO for the 2016 holiday season. Featuring two elves working hard in Santa’s workshop, this one is tons of fun to fill in an area. However, you’ll want to take into consideration that these are not minifigure size, so you won’t be able to just stick them into your existing winter village build.

I think they would do best as a standalone display in an area that needs some sort of Christmas decoration. Or, you could build them into your winter village as statues in the town square. Either one is an excellent idea for decorating and building!

Where to buy


LEGO Santa Claus (40206)

LEGO Santa Clause 40206

This is the second brick built seasonal box set LEGO released in 2016. While Santa Clause is cute, he has the same issues as the LEGO Elves’ Workshop set, that he is not minifigure scale sized. Again, this means you can either use him as a decoration in another area of your house, or build him in as a statue decoration for your town square… or anything else the inventive minds in your household come up with!

Where to buy


LEGO Reindeer (40092)

LEGO Reindeer 40092

This was one of the 2014 holiday sets released in store. You can still find this set on

Where to buy


LEGO Creator Snowman Polybag (30197)

LEGO Creator Snowman Polybag 30197

This is a polybag released in 2014. You can still find it on

Where to buy


LEGO Snowman (40093)

LEGO Snowman 40093

This was one of the seasonal sets from 2014. I’m not a fan, so we didn’t pick it up. However, it sold out quickly, so it definitely was a popular item for LEGO lovers. You can find the LEGO Snowman set on

Where to buy


LEGO Winter Fun (40124)

LEGO Winter Fun 40124

We picked up this set last week and have been waiting until the 1st to build. Most of our Christmas decorations are up, so I’m not quite sure where we’re going to place this set aside from leaving it on our dining room table. You can pick up this set from Shop@Home.

Where to buy


LEGO Santa’s Sleigh Polybag (40059)

LEGO Santa's Sleigh Polybag 40059

If you’ve already purchased Santa’s Workshop, you probably won’t want this one for your winter village setup. However, if you’d just like a little scene to place around the house, this is a good polybag for you. This was released in 2013 and can now be found on

Where to buy


LEGO Father Christmas with Sledge (40010)

LEGO Father Christmas with Sledge 40010

This one I just came across this year while sorting. The LEGO Father Christmas with Sledge (40010) is a 71 piece set released in 2010 as a LEGO exclusive. Also known as the “LEGO Santa with Sleigh Building Set”, you can find it on Amazon.

Where to buy


LEGO Creator Emerald Express (31015)

LEGO Creator Emerald Express

This is by far one of my favorite standalone sets. So much so, my husband purchased 2 additional ones as stocking stuffers last year so I could assemble all 3 parts of the train. We don’t have the Emerald Express in our winter village, but it is still a fun little build to own. You can purchase this set on

Where to buy


LEGO Santa’s Visit (40125)

LEGO Santas Visit 40125

Here’s another set released in 2015, that comes with Santa Clause and a minifigure cat, which are always a great hit with kids. As this set is retired, you can now find it on

Where to buy


While I did say this was a complete list, I may have missed one here or there. What other sets would you add to make this list of ultimate holiday LEGO sets complete?


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