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About The Family Brick

We are a family-friendly LEGO blog, sharing what we do with our LEGO stash, showcasing LEGO builds and providing helpful LEGO-related information and news. We have no specific niche, except to be an outlet where we can share our love of LEGO with others… and hopefully connect with those who feel the same!

We’ve been an active blog since July 2014. Our intention was to remain an anonymous blog. For the first year, we never used our actual names and tried our best to keep ourselves from sharing any identifying information; however, it’s hard to do that and make meaningful connections with fellow AFOLs, so if you want to know more about us personally, read below as we bare our soul…

About Mrs. Family Brick

My name is Yazmin. I am the true description of an AFOL in that I never played with LEGO as a kid. It wasn’t a toy that was popular in my culture. (I’m Puerto Rican.) In reality, it wasn’t until 2013 when I built with my first LEGO set. My husband had a few sets in the garage from when he was a kid, but they didn’t call my attention until our daughter was old enough to play with Duplo blocks… and soon followed our first visit in a long time to the LEGO Store. I was hooked.

By day, I run a web development business, building websites and working photography gigs, but by night, I am a LEGO fanatic. Some day soon, I will get over my fear of building awesome things and join the ranks of Master Builders everywhere…

Top 3 Things Yazmin Likes about LEGO

  1. The infinite number of possible builds in a simple handful of bricks.
  2. The range of colors.
  3. The amazing amount of LEGO photography inspired by the humble minifigure.

About Mr. Family Brick

This is actually Yazmin still writing this page. While Mr. Family Brick, otherwise known as Jason, is always welcomed to write on the blog, he hasn’t. He spends most of his evenings knee-deep in LEGO bricks sorting and cleaning lots. Jason has been a LEGO fan since childhood, and having kept a few LEGO sets, he never truly outgrew them. He was just waiting for the rest of us to catch up. Nowadays, he’s in hog heaven having a wife and child who love LEGO as much as he does.

Top 3 Things Jason Likes about LEGO

  1. I’ve seen most every piece and am still amazed at what people can create.
  2. The feeling of LEGO. ..makes me nostalgic for the past while enjoying projects in the present.
  3. The sound of the bricks snapping together.

About The Little Brick

I like to give kids online privacy. So, I’m not planning on sharing much about her, aside from the fact that she is an awesome little builder who is much happier building things of her own creation versus having to follow directions from an instruction booklet.


If you’ve read this far, know we’re flattered! And we always love to hear from other LEGO fans, so we hope you drop us a line below.

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