LEGO BeALEGOCreator Building Competition

Are you a LEGO creator? Are you looking to challenge yourself this Memorial Day weekend? If so, you can do that and flaunt your chops with the latest LEGO BeALEGOCreator building competition on Facebook.


What is the LEGO #BeALEGOCreator Building Competition


LEGO BeACreator Building Competition

If you’ve never seen one of the LEGO BeALEGOCreator competitions, you’re in for a treat. Announced on the LEGO Facebook Page, the premise is as follows:

Time for lunch CREATOR fans! The Corner Deli is open for business and ready to serve up some great eats for the hungry crowds but what should be on the menu? Pepperoni pizza? Organic kale green smoothies?

Upload your best creations using ‪#‎BeALEGOCreator‬ and the top builders will take home a brand new Corner Deli of their own.

What You Can Win In the LEGO #BeALEGOCreator Building Competition

LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050

As you read above, the winner will get a LEGO Creator Corner Deli box set! This set is 467 pieces of awesome and matches the smaller modular builds!


How To Enter The LEGO #BeALEGOCreator Building Competition

If you want to participate, you don’t have much time left!

From May 4th 2016 to May 29th 2016, participants are asked to upload images of their suggested builds for the 31050 LEGO Creator Corner Deli set. Entrants must label their entry using the hashtag #BeALEGOCreator to be considered for a prize. Winners will be selected after the duration of the competition.

Upload your images to the LEGO Facebook page or your Instagram account. Make sure to add the #BeALEGOCreator for your entry to be considered for the competition!

5 winners will be announce by June 3rd, 2016.

To get the full terms and conditions for the competition, visit the #BeALEGOCreaator Terms and Conditions page.

Just a few days left as the deadline is May 29th. Get your entries in today!

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