Have some fun with the new LEGO Creator App!

If you haven’t seen the new LEGO Creator app, you’re missing out on some awesome downtime fun. Just launched in April, the app comes with a little something for everyone.
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How to download the LEGO Creator app

Just like any other app, you can down it in the Appstore (for Apple users) and in the Google Play Store (for Android users). You can get direct links for your device on the LEGO Creator website. Easy peasy!

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What you’ll find in the LEGO Creator app

The LEGO Creator app comes with 7 different sections:

  1. Challenges
  2. My Gallery
  3. Games
  4. Games
  5. Stop Motion
  6. Turnaround Maker
  7. Video

Here are more details on the sections. This starts out slow, but the good stuff is towards the end. I promise…:



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This section provides a challenge for kids to enter by creating a build with their own bricks, taking a photograph and uploading to this section.


My Gallery

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In this section, you can upload photos of your own creations.


Games (1st section)

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This section contains 2 different games. The top portion of the “E” has a game called Flick-a-Brick, where you flick a brick towards a build to build it. The lower portion of the “E” is a game called “Feed The Animals”, where you flick bricks to feed a squirrel, owl or puppy food. Both are fun, but our 5 year old found them a bit hard to play and keep up with.


Games (2nd Section)

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This is the second section of games. The top of the “A” houses a game titled “Plane Flight”. It’s a mix of Tetris and Bedazzled, where you have to click the correct part as it falls based on what is being asked for within the game.

The second half of the “A” is more of the same with a game titled “Model Builder”. I found I liked both of these games more than the ones found in the first games section.


Stop Motion

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This is an awesome section for all aspiring film makers. Here you get the tools to create a stop motion movie. They even give you instructions on how to build a stand for your phone so you can prop it up and maintain it in the same place while you are building. If you’ve never seen how a stop motion movie gets made, they also have a “How-To” video for you to watch to see one get made.


Turnaround Maker
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If you thought making a stop motion movie was fun, you’ll also love the Turnaround Maker section. If you’ve never seen one, a turnaround is a movie where you take photos of a LEGO build from all angles. Usually, it’s just a matter of snapping a photo, then turning the build a few degrees. However, LEGO has taken the opportunity to show you how to build a turntable to help turn your build without moving it from its location. Pretty slick!



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Finally, the last section is titled “Videos”. Here, you can find mini builds and building tips. As of today, they show you how to build a dog house, seagull, bald eagle and a grey wolf!

As you can see, there is plenty to do in the LEGO Creator app.

Have you downloaded the LEGO Creator app? What is your favorite section and why?

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