LEGO Humble Book Bundle on No Starch Press

So – In my rush to get this out to you guys, I just realized I made a terrible error! The LEGO Humble Book Bundle on No Starch Press does not end in 12 hours. You actually have 13 days to get this awesome bundle in your hands.

So sorry for the misinformation! Whomp. Whomp. :(


I hardly have time to check my personal email these days, but yesterday I received an email from No Starch Press on their latest LEGO Humble Book Bundle! Again, I know I’m in the middle of reposting my Ultimates list series; however, this is a time-sensitive bundle and I don’t want you to miss out!

If you’ve never heard of No Starch Press and how their deals work, here’s the lowdown.

LEGO Humble Book Bundle

  • If you buy a full bundle, you generally get over $300 worth of digital books for less than $20.
  • You pay what you want (to a certain extent.)
  • The books are DRM-free. (That’s Digital Rights Management and it means you can read, view and share the books across your devices.)
  • The books are Multi-format.
  • Best of all… You are supporting charity!


LEGO Humble Book Bundle Payment Levels

So, when they say “you pay what you want”, it is true to a certain degree. It is more like tiered payment levels. If you pay a certain amount, you get a certain set of books. If you pay enough to get you to the next tier, you get the books from the first tier AND the second tier. Likewise, you will need to make a higher donation in order to get the books from the third tier.

Now, let’s say you don’t wanna commit, because you haven’t tried a bundle yet or you’re a little anxious about it. I’m going to go through each of the books you get with each charity donation. There are affiliate links below to Amazon, since they tend to show you the inside of the books. (Coming soon! Wanted to get this on your radar for this week’s email so you wouldn’t miss out on the deal!) However, if you go directly to the No Starch Press website, you can also get a 3-4 page preview of the books.

For just $1, you can get the following books:

LEGO Humble Book Bundle - $1+ Books



For just $8, you can get the following books:

LEGO Humble Book Bundle - $8+ Books


For just $15, you can get the following books:

LEGO Humble Book Bundle - $15+ Books

Now that’s a ton of awesome LEGO books, right?


How Does the LEGO Humble Book Bundle Charity Donation Work

When you are ready to purchase your bundle, that’s when you make the selection for how your payment is divided.

LEGO Humble Book Bundle - Payment Allocation

Currently, a portion of the payment goes to the publisher, No Starch Press; Electronic Frontier Foundation; and, if you’d like, a second charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund.

Make sure to click the arrow for “Choose where your money goes” before you go through the payment process. There you will be able to adjust the sliders so that your money goes where you want for your charity donation payment!


As you can see, there are a ton of awesome books in the LEGO Humble Book Bundle this time around. I’m actually off right now to purchase our bundle!

And remember, this is for charity! So give with a big heart.

Are you planning on purchasing the LEGO Humble Book Bundle on No Starch Press? Let me know below!


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