Amazon Prime at $67 Friday Only – Thank the Emmys!

Chances are if you’re reading my blog, you also order online. Which means you probably order LEGO items online, too. This is why I have to tell you Amazon Prime will be on sale for $67 this Friday only!

As it turns out, Amazon won 5 Emmy’s for their Amazon Original Series Transparent. We don’t watch awards shows around here, but I was excited when we ran across the deal. To celebrate, they are offering new members a special price of $67 for the first year of Prime when ordered on Friday, September 25, from 12:00am ET to 11:59pm PT.

For us, it’s a no brainer. We decided to sign up for Amazon Prime, so we can order discounted LEGO sets online for the holidays… AND get them in 2 days time without traveling from store to store to find a discount. Or simply get them gift-wrapped and shipped for us without ever needing to touch them. It’s so frustrating to pay for double shipping on larger items.

We’ve also been interested in Amazon Prime, because of Amazon Video. Not only do you get exclusive shows, it means you can watch The LEGO Movie whenever and wherever you want!

And honestly, I should have re-signed us up for Amazon Prime a long time ago. I truly enjoyed Amazon Prime when I signed up for it just after the girl was born. It was great not needing to visit a store with child in hand to grab presents. So I’m glad we’re signing up again.

You should sign up for Amazon Prime, too.

Do you use Amazon Prime to get your discounted LEGO sets and free shipping or so you still find it better to hunt around town for a deal?

2 thoughts on “Amazon Prime at $67 Friday Only – Thank the Emmys!

  1. I love using Amazon for LEGO deals! Most times, I can save a bunch by ordering online. It’s also really great to price match at Toys R Us or Target if I can’t wait a whole two days for it to arrive. :)

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