Reminder: Earn LEGO Double VIP Points October 1 – 4

If you read our blog, you know we’ve been waiting for this time of the year… it’s LEGO DOUBLE VIP POINTS time! Woot!

LEGO Double VIP Points October 2015

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These are the sets we’ve been waiting to purchase to get more bang for our buck. If you plan on purchasing them at another time, I’ve included affiliate links below where you can purchase them, at no additional cost to you, with your purchase helping our site:

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series 2 –  LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75097) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO City Advent Calendar (60099) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41102) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO Creator Expert Fairground Mixer (10244) – Amazon
LEGO Creator Expert Ferris Wheel (10247) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory (21302) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon
LEGO Series 14 Minigures – Amazon
LEGO Creator Changing Seasons (31038) – LEGO Shop@Home | Amazon

Our planned total is approximately $730. (Yikes! I know… we clearly buy too much LEGO… but really, is it ever *too* much?) There are a few other things I desperately want to buy, but using my husband’s logic I talk myself out of the purchase. He says if we don’t have a place to play with our display them, we probably shouldn’t purchase the set. Considering the state of our storage issue, he’s right… I just don’t want to miss out!


LEGO Creator Exclusive Holiday Train Promo

The only downside to all of this is that we still have to save a $99 purchase for later in the month so we can also get the LEGO Creator Exclusive Holiday Train promo that comes as a promo from October 13 – November 13. We can’t pass up Christmas promos to potentially add to our Winter Village MOC. With the popularity of the LEGO Series 14 Minifigures, I suspect that may be the purchase we leave for later in the month. Our local store has been consistently out of them since they first released.

Regardless, we’re super excited for the 1st of October to roll around. And if you haven’t already, start planning your purchases now so your favorite items don’t sell out before you get started shopping!

What purchases do you have planned for LEGO Double VIP Points?

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