November 2016 Brick Loot Box Review

Once again, I held off so I could create a new unboxing video, but it just never happened. So instead, you’ll have to settle for a review of the November 2016 Brick Loot box.

I did mention in my previous Brick Loot review I wasn’t completely sold on the box. I love the idea, think it is great; however, was less than impressed with the box we received. (DisclaimerI did say I felt we weren’t the target audience, so don’t let our opinion completely sway you from reading the review or even checking it out for yourself.) I decided to keep the subscription active, because the month’s theme really calls to me: Mini City. As usual, there are affiliate links below – no additional cost to you and helpful to us.

For those that don’t know, I’m a fan of microscale builds. There’s just something awesome about miniaturizing a building or a scene that is really cool. Do you remember the 2015 Bricktown sets from ToysRUs? Yea… I was in love with those.


Contents of the November 2016 Brick Loot Box

The Brick Loot boxes come with a contents card:

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Contents Flyer

You can find it at the bottom of the box.


The front of the card tells you the box theme. The back of the card has a small blurb describing each item.

Brick Loot Box Item 1: Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed by Tom Alphin

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Home Build

From the content card:

Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed by Top Alphin

Tom Alphin is a lifetime LEGO enthusiast who as a child enjoyed a wide range of themes including Classic Space, Trains, Town and Pirates. He was drawn back to LEGO through the Architecture series, which inspired his “LEGO Architecture Studio 30-day Challenge” where he explored different architectural styles using basic LEGO bricks. This was the inspiration behind The LEGO Architect, a best selling book which explores 7 styles of architecture through a unique blend of photos, a brief history of each style, photos of amazing LEGO models, and instructions to build a model in each style. He continues to design new models and write about LEGO and architecture at

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Home Build

For this box, the girl really jumped in and asked to build. She was super excited to see this mini building and immediately ripped into it. It uses the SNOT technique (stands for “studs not on top”), so while I didn’t see her build it, I was excited she was exposed to that type of building technique. Because of the building technique, it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as other builds, but I imagine once built, you probably won’t be playing with it much so that’s okay.

Brick Loot Box Item 2: The Corner Coffee Shop

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Coffee Shop Build Box

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Coffee Shop Front

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Coffee Shop Side

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Coffee Shop Back

From the content card:

No LEGO city is complete without a Coffee Shop! Never run out of energy for building when you go to The Corner Coffee Shop for the best coffee in town.


This is my favorite thing out of this box. The Corner Coffee Shop is adorable in every way.

Again, however, like with the Pacman from the previous Brick Loot box, I’m disappointed it isn’t a 100% LEGO build. And interestingly enough, even if you didn’t notice the lack of the LEGO brand on the bricks, you would notice by the “snap”. These bricks were a little bit more difficult to get in place. Even the girl noticed and commented.

Regardless, once built, it is lovely. I give it a big thumbs up.


Brick Loot Box Item 3: MINI Tree Kit

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Tree Kit


From the content card:

Add your Mini Tree to any LEGO city for a fun twist on nature. altBricks specializes in LEGO compatible leaves in an array of colors as well as several alternate architectural elements, columns, arches, decorative pieces and street signs. check out the complete product line at

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Tree Build

The girl also jumped on this build. Super cute little tree that can be added to any city. Not 100% LEGO, but adorable none-the-less.

Brick Loot Box Item 4: Exclusive Light Kit for The Corner Coffee Shop

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Light Kit

From the content card:

Add this custom light kit to your Corner Coffee Shop to bring it to life or use it on any LEGO model you like. Only your imagination can limit the uses for it! To see images to install visit

I immediately gave this light kit to the man. He has been collecting light kits for us to work on lighting up the winter village. (Something that will probably begin after Christmas.)

However, I completely missed that this kit was for lighting The Corner Coffee Shop until I read the content card! I fully plan to test it out once I get home today. Super excited.


Brick Loot Box Item 5: The Coffee Barista

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Barista Minifigure

From the content card:

Custom 100% LEGO Minifigure

United Bricks specializes in top quality printed LEGO items, with a vast and ever expanding range of printed items to choose from. All of their products are printed using a high quality UV printing method, which allows them to be used and treasured for many years to come.

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Barista Front

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Barista Back


The coffee barista is the bomb. Love the custom printing done by United Bricks – front and back. I happen to have a building with a coffee shop this guy is going to go right into.


Brick Loot Box Item 6: Flyers 

November 2016 Brick Loot Box - Flyers

Finally, there were also flyers at the bottom of the box.

How to win a MEGA Brick Box

Brick Loot Box Review

If you ever receive a Brick Loot box, they do a giveaway every month for the best unboxing video. You could win a free LEGO set!


Our Thoughts on the November 2016 Brick Loot Box

The November 2016 Brick Loot box was definitely better geared towards me. While I still maintain we are not the intended target market for this subscription, I do think it helps the likeability factor when the box theme is something the recipient would like.

While last time, neither one of us rushed to build either of the sets in the box, this time around, I did want to build the coffee shop right away. (As I mentioned, the girl didn’t give me the option of building the other one.)

So, again, I do think if you were to purchase this box for someone else, say, a younger LEGO enthusiast, they would be ecstatic about receiving the monthly Brick Loot box subscription. I know our girl was happy to open the box and get mail. I’m sure your kids would be, too!


How to Purchase a Brick Loot Box Subscription

Brick Loot boxes start at $24.95/month for a 12 month subscription. You still have to pay $6 shipping and handling (USA, that is – other countries can expect to pay more) on top of that, so it is more like $30.95 a month.

If you’re not ready to jump in head first, you can purchase a one-month subscription for $27.00 + $6.00 shipping for a grand total of $32.00. You probably drop almost that much if not more with monthly visits to The LEGO Store, so maybe you should try a box for a month just to see! Visit the Brick Loot website for more details.

Did you get the November 2016 Brick Loot Box? What did you think?

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