The Actual Brick Loot Box Review

So a few weeks ago, when my newsletter went out, I realized way too late that I published an unfinished post! Many of you who read the newsletter probably saw a post titled Brick Loot Box Review with no review, just part of my preliminary post. Oops. My bad…


Brick Loot Box Review

Then, when I actually received the Brick Loot box… and it sat on our entry mantle for at least 2 weeks taunting us. I’ve finally opened  it!

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post… although it may come off as one. I did ask for a review box, but never heard back from them. (I don’t blame them. I’m sure they receive many requests for review boxes and it can be hard to determine if there is a return on investment, whether the blogger is just a scammer, etc… anywhooo…)

This means, the opinions here are our own. (As always, because really, who wants to read the blog of a “corporate shill”… am I right?)

However, you will come across affiliate links. If you like the box or the idea of the box, we would highly love it if you decided to purchase a Brick Loot box using one of our affiliate links.

Now back to the post…

My goal is to give you a peek at the subscription box before it is too late for you to order one as a Christmas gift. Therefore, I went ahead and purchased a box for review.

Lastly, I had every intention to do a video unboxing of the Brick Loot box, but we never got around to it. Maybe next time. Whomp. Whomp.

Enough build up. Let’s get to this unboxing!


Contents of the October 2016 Brick Loot Box

Once I opened the Brick Loot box, I was presented with this:

Brick Loot Box Review
And it wasn’t until I got to the bottom of the box that I realized they included a “contents” card:

From the cover of the card, you can see there is a theme to the box. The October box theme was “Game On!” Each item we received was related to gaming in some way.

On the back of the card, there is a small blurb describing each item.


Brick Loot Box Item 1: Arcade Build

From the content card:

Exclusive 100% LEGO Build Designed by BrickBuildersPro

Start your LEGO arcade with the classics. is a world class resource for custom LEGO plans, stickers, and projects. They offer custom instructions for houses, shops, train stations and even stadiums! The user friendly designs and are centered on common part and and color resourcing to help the builder find and buy pieces with ease. If you can brick like a pro you can build like a pro!

The mini arcade build is pretty awesome. It comes with all the bricks for the build, 2 sets of stickers so you can pick which arcade you want to build and instructions on how to make the set.

Not in the set itself, but further down in the box, there were instructions cards for two additional arcade sets, should you choose to build more arcade machines.

We love arcade machine builds a lot. So much so that Mr. Family Brick purchased 2 of them at Celebricktion last year. So, while we weren’t initially impressed, we know most recipients would probably love the build if the was their first time seeing it.


Brick Loot Box Item 2: Pixel Monster

From the content card:

Pixel Monster is a great build, but remember not to feed it too many power pellets or it might just eat your minifigures.

Now if you’re looking at this Pixel Monster and wondering what’s wrong with it, you have a good eye. This isn’t a build created with LEGO bricks, it is more along the lines of Nanoblocks. (If you’ve never heard of Nanoblocks, you can check out their website or see what sets are available on Amazon.)

Nanoblocks are a fraction of the size of regular LEGO bricks. There tagline explains their selling point well: The smaller the block, the greater the detail. But do note, this is not a Nanoblock set. This looks like it was created for Brick Loot exclusively. You won’t find any Nanoblock wording on the box or instructions anywhere.

So, if you or your recipient are a LEGO purist, you will probably be disappointed with this build. If you don’t care, this is a fun build that fits right in with the theme.


Brick Loot Box Item 3: Head Case

From the content card:

The HEAD CASE is the perfect place to store extra LEGO parts, arcade tokens, or spare change. Display it on your desk, LEGO table or bedroom.

This item is our hands-down favorite from the whole box – a cute little LEGO-style head brick storage case. Mr. Family Brick and I both had trouble getting it open, because we didn’t understand that the head lid unscrewed. Other than that, we love it. Honestly, we’ll probably be fighting over who gets to keep it!

Brick Loot Box Item 4: Gamer Minifigure

From the content card:

Gamer Minifigure

Custom 100% LEGO Minifigure

United Bricks specializes in top quality printed LEGO items, with a vast and ever expanding range of printed items to choose from. All of their products are printed using a high quality UV printing method, which allows them to be used and treasured for many years to come.

I will admit it was nice to get a minifigure as one of the box items. This one is quite cute, too, with his game controller sweatshirt and side-worn cap. However, Mr. Family Brick was only a fan until he found out the minfigure had the Brick Loot logo printed on the back of the torso. He tries to keep advertising minifigures out of his builds, so once he found that out, using the minifigure was a no-go for him.

You may, of course, feel different.


Brick Loot Box Item 5: Exclusive Art Print

Brick Loot Box Review

From the content card:

Exclusive Art Print

Felix Winter has been a LEGO fan since 2007 and has been creating LEGO art for the past year. He has a passion for designing and can create anything you need! Visit

If you love LEGO art, you will probably like this piece of artwork: half LEGO brick, half Tetris. Each Brick Loot box comes with a piece of artwork, so you can build your LEGO love wall. ;)

Brick Loot Box Item 6: Sticker 

Brick Loot Box Review

Not useful for us, but cool that it matches the theme. The Little Brick will probably snag this to stick it somewhere…

Not shown, we also received a 25% off coupon for

Brick Loot Box Review

Finally, if you ever receive a Brick Loot box, they do a give away every month for the best unboxing video. You could win a free LEGO set!


Our Thoughts on the Brick Loot Box

Keep this coming thought in the back of your mind as I share my opinion about the Brick Loot box. If we’re honest, we are probably not the intended target market for this subscription.

While it was fun to receive a special LEGO surprise through the mail, and I want to be genuinely enthusiastic about the subscription box idea, I think we were ultimately underwhelmed by what we received. Neither one of us has rushed to build either of the sets we received in the box. With the only thing we showed true excitement about being the Head Case storage bin, we feel the amount of money paid for the box was not worth the value we received.

HAVING SAID THAT… I do think if you were to purchase this box for someone else, say, a younger LEGO enthusiast, they would be ecstatic about receiving the monthly Brick Loot box subscription. I know our girl was happy to open the box and get mail. I’m sure your kids would be, too!


How to Purchase a Brick Loot Box Subscription

Brick Loot boxes start at $24.95/month for a 12 month subscription. You still have to pay $6 shipping and handling (USA, that is – other countries can expect to pay more) on top of that, so it is more like $30.95 a month.

If you’re not ready to jump in head first, you can purchase a one-month subscription for $27.00 + $6.00 shipping for a grand total of $32.00. You probably drop almost that much if not more with monthly visits to The LEGO Store, so maybe you should try a box for a month just to see! Visit the Brick Loot website for more details.


Have you purchased the Brick Loot box subscription before? What did you think about it?


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