Reminder! Redeem Your Last LEGO 2016 Calendar Coupon!

Do you remember getting a LEGO 2016 Calendar last year? If you do, I hope you remembered the attached coupons. If not, this is your reminder to redeem the last LEGO 2016 calendar coupon by the end of September!

LEGO 2016 Calendar Coupon Reminder


Forgot what your coupon looks like? Here is an image of the coupon below:

Last LEGO 2016 Calendar Coupon

I left ours on the kitchen banister. However, while my mom was here for the summer, she cleaned and reorganized everything to the point I couldn’t find the coupons. Fortunately, my husband kept track of the last coupons and knew exactly where they were! Thanks Mr. Family Brick!



LEGO Nexo Knights Kings Guard Minifigure box

Once you redeem the coupon, you’ll get the LEGO 5004390 Nexo Knights King’s Guard Minifigure promotional boxed set.


LEGO Nexo Knights Kings Guard Minifigure box 2

The box set is nicely constructed. As you can see, it doesn’t open like a regular boxed set. It comes with a panoramic-style graphic on the inside flaps. I presume you can use this to display your minifigure without removing it from the box.


LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Army-Building Set

The minifigure itself isn’t a unique figure. So, if you’re an army builder, you’re probably looking for this guy. If you want more of him, you can also find him in (wait for it… affiliate links incoming…) the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ Army-Building (853515) set.


LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ The Glob Lobber 70318-1

He’s also found in the LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ The Glob Lobber (70318) set.

While I love the LEGO Nexo Knights theme, our little girl is not much of a fan. Which means we’ll be putting our boxes up in the shop soon… especially since our passion is building winter village scenes. I’m not sure how we could work in a Nexo Knight into the scene. Now, Star Wars,  you know that’s a totally different scenario… ;)


So, did you redeem your last LEGO 2016 Calendar coupon? What do you think of the minifigure?

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