LEGO Time Teacher Set Review (9005039)

We’re always so excited when we find something we think is discontinued or just scarce in our area, like the LEGO Time Teacher set. So you can imagine we were over the moon when last year, we actually found the set in stores.

We discovered this set ourselves last year, when we wrote our blog post on 10 Awesome Christmas Gifts for LEGO Learners. Since our little brick was just showing interest in time, we purchased one as a Christmas present. It was the perfect time to introduce the set to her.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

If you remembered from my post, I mentioned it was hard to find in stores. Fortunately, they were in stock for the Christmas holiday.

Here is the description of this set from the LEGO website:

Learn time-telling skills with LEGO® fun for girls!

Think pink and learn to tell time with LEGO® building! LEGO Time-Teacher educational resources makes learning the time fun, easy and hands-on. Includes a pink LEGO Minifigure Link Watch, a pink constructible demonstration clock, a set of colorful, illustrated time-teaching activity cards and a girl minifigure.

• Includes girl minifigure
• Customize and rebuild!
• Features constructible demonstration clock
• Also includes time-teaching activity cards
• Use the cards along the clock to make learning fun and easy!
• Japanese Quartz movement watch
• Water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet)
• Scratch resistant mineral crystal lens
• Battery included
• Made from super-durable poly carbonate
• Includes 2-year warranty in U.S.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

We didn’t actually open the set until sometime in January. We had so many other toys and things to play with… not to mention, our kitchen table was a mess. It took a while to clear off a spot for us to work on this together.

The girl was pretty excited about it, though. Not waiting one more moment for mami to take photos of the box, she ripped right into it…


LEGO Time Teacher Review

When you open the box, you’ll be greeted with a bag of bricks, a bag of cardboard time telling cards with additional parts for the build, a watch band and extra watch band links.

Of course, this is the girl’s version of the box set. They also have a boy’s version of the LEGO Time Teacher set, too.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

Inside the bag with the time telling cards, you’ll find the instructions for adjusting the watch, the build instructions, the build face for the clock, a brochure for LEGO watches and a guarantee card.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

Of course, the most important thing for the girl was getting the watch on her wrist as quickly as possible. So this is what we did.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

For this build, the girl didn’t want my help at all. She went right to it, opening the building instructions and the bag with the bricks to start her build.

She asked me to make her breakfast, so by the time I was done, she already finished!


LEGO Time Teacher Review

She did have some issues with the front of the build and pushing in the Technic pieces, but mami came to the rescue.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

Next was popping out the cards. She was excited to learn how to tell time!


LEGO Time Teacher Review

The cards themselves are very sturdy. They’re made from a strong cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about bending or laminating them… that is, unless you have a particularly messy/clumsy child that tends to spill liquids everywhere. We took our chances and left them as is. ;)


LEGO Time Teacher Review

One one side of the cards, you’ll find images of the same minifigure found on the watch band, in various poses with a time. Some of the cards will try to show what you might be doing at that particular time. For example, the one in the upper right hand corner shows the minifigure heading off to school.


LEGO Time Teacher Review

On the back side, you have the answer for the time shown on the front. Basically, the concept is that your child will read the time on the front, then they will adjust the clock hands to show what represents that time. Once they have done that, they flip the cards around to see if they are right.

Once they get the hang of it, kids can play this learning exercise by themselves.


My take on the LEGO Time Teacher Set

While the set was a big hit at our house when we first opened it, it has since taken a back seat. Summer came along and the desire to learn how to tell time gave way to other more important things… like swimming and hanging out with nana.

However, now that school has started, we have found her showing more interest again in telling time. Although she does wear her watch to school, I have my suspicions it is more a fashion statement than anything else…

The LEGO Time Teacher set retails at $29.99. That’s a really good price for a teaching/playing tool like this one. If you have a young one showing interest in telling time, this is an excellent purchase…even if they lose interest for a while!

Interested in purchasing the set? You can find it at the retailers below:

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Now that you’ve seen everything you get with the LEGO Time Teacher, what do you think of the set?



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