LEGO Chief’s Tepee Set Review

I’m sure we’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things we do around here is sort LEGO bricks for another eBay seller. Our elbow grease work is how we manage to earn money to purchase more LEGO items. So while we are sorting, we sometimes come across awesome builds like this LEGO Chief’s Tepee set.


LEGO Chiefs Tepee Set 6746

The LEGO Chief’s Tepee set was originally released in 1997. It has 134 pieces and 3 minifigures and a decorated minifigure horse. The set retailed for $19.99.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

This has definitely been one of my favorite finds. While there aren’t very many bricks, it comes with this awesome tan 16×32 baseplate (which is very rare nowadays to get a lower priced set with a larger baseplate.)


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

You’ll have to excuse my depth of field in the shots, I was crunched for counter space when I originally took these photos. However, you can see there are a ton of play possibilities with this set.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

The tepee is one of my favorite things. We were lucky to find the cloth in such good order. Most of the time, when we find cloth items for sets, they have seen better days. This tepee is in excellent shape.

Hard to see, but notice there is a little fire going inside of the tepee.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957Q

Another one of my favorite things about this set is the decorated horse. I had never seen one before we found this set and was half tempted to keep it for myself.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

Aside from the main draw of the tepee, you also build a small campfire, a stream and a few hideouts for the snake. There’s one near the stream and one in the tree stump.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

Another awesome feature of this set is the totem pole.


LEGO Chief's Tepee Set Review-1957

Finally, how amazing are the minifigures? Look at all the detail on their heads, torsos and legs! Truly awesome and a definite keeper for anyone collecting western sets.


Where to buy the LEGO Chief’s Tepee set

As I mentioned, this was one of the sets we found while sorting and pieced together to sell in our shop. Also, it is (obviously) a retired set, so it is no longer in stores. If you’d like to purchase this one we pieced together, you can find the LEGO Chief’s Tepee set here in our shop.

Now, if you are a collector, the box and the building instructions are probably important to you. So, you will need to look for a new set. If you’re interested in purchasing the LEGO Chief’s Tepee Set new, you can also find the set (using these free to you affiliate links) on eBay and Amazon.

So, you know how amazing I think the LEGO Chief’s Tepee set is. What do you think about it?

4 thoughts on “LEGO Chief’s Tepee Set Review

  1. This is an awesome set! We bought it about a year ago as part of a bulk lot on eBay. We found pieces of it, did the research, and was delighted with what we had. I had to look for the minifigs that went with it, but have found those as well. Love the unique elements of the set.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

      I agree! It was just…charming. I’ve been wondering if it had to do with the simplicity of the set in comparison to most of the latest sets coming out.

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