Does LEGO Make Duplo Baseplates?

Because I blog about LEGO, I get asked a ton of questions regarding the LEGO line of sets and products. Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me, “Does LEGO make Duplo baseplates?” The answer is “Yes.”

However, before you rush out looking for them, let me make another suggestion…

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What I Recommend Instead of LEGO Duplo Baseplates


LEGO DUPLO Bricks on Standard Baseplates-1126

Before you go out and buy a Duplo baseplate, you need to know that a regular LEGO system baseplate works just as well with LEGO Duplos. Duplo bricks can and *do* connect snuggly to regular baseplates as shown in the following photo:


LEGO DUPLO Bricks on Standard Baseplates-1131

This would allow your baseplate purchase to stretch into the next stage of building if your child chooses to continue playing with LEGO bricks after they acquire the nimbleness and dexterity needed for building with standard bricks.


Where to Buy LEGO Duplo BasePlates

Normally, I direct you to purchase an item from Amazon, as prices can be cheaper or they carry items that are now retired on Shop@Home. However, if you must have them, you should purchase your LEGO Duplo baseplates directly from Shop@Home.

At the time of this post, the LEGO Duplo baseplates on Amazon were about 25% more expensive than what you could get them for on the LEGO shop directly.

LEGO Duplo Baseplate


Ultimately, it’s up to you, but just know you have options when it comes to purchasing baseplates to give your child a play area with their Duplo bricks.

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