LEGO Ideas Mini Battle for the Batcave

A while ago when I was just starting to post on our Instagram feed, I ran across a MOC in an issue of BrickJournal that was so beautiful, it was worthy of sharing. Imagine my surprise when the creator of the MOC emails me last month asking to support his set on LEGO Ideas. How could I not.

Awesome #LEGO MOC from BrickJournal magazine! #batman
Awesome #LEGO MOC from BrickJournal magazine! #batman

If you’re wondering which set I’m talking about, it’s the Mini Battle For The Batcave set on LEGO Ideas. Here are a few images so you can check it out in all its awesomeness:


There are a ton of details to this MOC to include:

  1. 4 Vehicles:
    • Batmobile
    • Batwing
    • Batboat
    • The Joker’s “Eye Scream” Truck
  2. 5 Microfigures:
    • Batman
    • Robin
    • Alfred
    • The Joker
    • Harley Quinn
  3. 10 Play Features:
    • Modular Design – includes Batcave & Wayne Manor
    • Batwing – working missiles!
    • Joker Truck – fold-out weapons!
    • Snap-On “Batramp”
    • Batwing Landing Pad
    • Secret Door – reveals hidden Batboat dock!
    • Batman / Bruce Wayne Transformation Chamber
    • Jail Cell
    • Ladder
    • Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

And it seems just recently, they added two new microfigures to the MOC. Meet Mr. Freeze and The Penguin:

Although those aren’t the only two updates to the project. You can see more tweaks and additions to the project on the Updates page.

Just to give full credit for this presentable awesomeness, this is a collaborative project between LEGO Ideas users, BrickadierG (Model Design), omarovalle (Graphic Design), and mreilly44 (Video).

In the email from Matt, the model designer, he says:

When designing this, I made it with Batman fans in mind. In particular, I really built it with children (and the kid at heart!) in mind, which is why it has a lot of playable features. Two of my friends helped out with the illustrations and toy commercial-style video.

Personally, I think he did an excellent job. And I totally want to play with it myself! My only issue is that it is hard to truly appreciate this MOC via photos due to its microscale nature. I’m sure it would be so much better if you could see it face-to-face… or in that absense, large photos of the MOC.

Regardless, it’s awesome and the details are amazing.

If you are a fan of Batman or of microscale building, I highly encourage you to go support Matt’s project on LEGO Ideas

Oh, and if you want to check out the toy commercial video Matt references in his email, you can check it out here:

What do you think of this LEGO Ideas MOC? Are there any LEGO Ideas projects you thing we should check out?


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