Create Mosaics with LEGO “Style” Brick Photoshop Action

Last month, I stumbled across a LEGO mosaic ad campaign. While creating those mosaics is a lot of work… usually involving some eyeballing to create your image as a mosaic and then having to purchase all the bricks from the LEGO store, you could always go an easier route…


If you just want to create a LEGO style image, you can pick up this nifty “Lego” Brick Style Effect Photoshop action by Visual Impact on Creative Market.



If you just want to make your images “look” like a LEGO mosaic, the style is nice, but if you look closely, the brick stubs are missing the “LEGO” trademark. Understandable since it *is* a trademark.



Unfortunately, it doesn’t limit its color selection to just the 30 or so specific 1 x 1 brick colors available from LEGO… and if you do want to create an actual LEGO mosaic from it at a later date, you don’t get a list of bricks for easy purchasing. However, if you’re still interested in this action for LEGO mosaics, the artist does say you change the settings and limit the number of colors by adjust the “Filters” layer.  You might still need to fiddle with some hands-on color replacement, though.

If you had this Photoshop action, would you mosaic your photos for display as a LEGO Mosaic?

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