Take to the Skies! September 2014 Monthly LEGO Build

Last night, I decided to take The Little Brick to the LEGO store for the monthly store build. This month, it was the cutest mini racing plane. I was *sure* she would love it.


I was really impressed with her building skills. She easily and quickly managed to build the model without major intervention from Mr. Family Brick and just some simple guidance. The Little Brick is only 3, so that’s a big achievement on her part when building something meant for 5+!


The model, by the way, did not dissappoint. I really liked the look of it and how easy it was to build with few specialty pieces. Here are some pictures of the finished build:

You’ll have to excuse the missing 1×1 round in our windsock. The Little Brick wanted to build it without… so without we did!

Oh and in case you come across this post once the month is over, LEGO archives the monthly builds. However, I grabbed a copy of the racing plane build instructions for you to download and make your own.

Did you stop by the LEGO store and build this month’s model? How did you like it?

3 thoughts on “Take to the Skies! September 2014 Monthly LEGO Build

    1. Well, I think it depends on the child, too. I know ours tends to have tons of trouble with tiles and plates. They’re just too thin for her to handle well, but that comes with time and play.

      Now I’m with you on the top end, that’s all just bogus…

  1. Yeah, that’s what I was getting at, at the lower end, although there is bound to be a limit below which the vast majority simply don’t have sufficient dexterity – and there is the the problem of young enough kids wanting to chew everything.

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