Advent Vent: LEGO Advent Calendars

We were in the LEGO store last weekend when we ran across the new advent calendars for 2014. Mr. Family Brick and I have been very excited about buying the City advent calendar,  since we’re working on a Christmas village for under the tree. Last year we decided to skip buying any of them all together… and every village needs some cops and robbers!


We also considered purchasing the Star Wars advent calendar,  but while we are Star Wars fans , we don’t generally play with Star Wars related LEGO. Our main desire is to build a LEGO town and they just don’t really fit in our theme.

So while in the store, we immediately picked up the City advent calendar. Mr. Family Brick suggested we ought to pick up the Friends advent calendar for our daughter. I have not been a big fan of the Friends advent calendars, mainly because it seems these calendars get the short end of the stick. With only 2 minifigures in the box,  you get four times the amount of minifigures in the other calendars. Bummer if you ask me.

The amount of minifigures in the advent calendars is really what makes them a great deal. It’s actually gotten me thinking about how different the calendars have been from year to year. Maybe it’s time for a comparison…

Do you buy the advent calendars regularly? What year has been your favorite calendar?

4 thoughts on “Advent Vent: LEGO Advent Calendars

    1. Not a brick, but a mini build or a minifigure a day. Just like the typical advent calendars you see sold with candy, but ours have better things! LEGO!

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