LEGO Friends School Supplies for Back To School

If you remember in my last post, I mentioned I found enough LEGO Friends School Supplies to write a separate post. What I didn’t mention was I found the supplies to be a bit underwhelming as far as the “fun” factor goes. LEGO Friends products are generally targeted at girls, so I kinda assumed there’d be a ton of really great school items, but they’re just more “meh” than anything. Except for this backpack. I heart this LEGO brick backpack so, but have no real reason why…

LEGO Brick Backpack Pink (Toy)

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If you need more than just a backpack, there were several LEGO Friends school bundles:

And, if you’ve got a little one that is into the new LEGO Friends Pop Star subtheme, you might be interested in this bundle here. It comes with a backpack and lunch tote that are “pop star” specific, along with all the other necessities like folders, notebooks, pencils, etc…

(Sadly, this one went “out of stock” before I got my post out this morning, but I’ve kept it here in case the seller adds more of this bundle to the listing.)

Other LEGO Friends School Supplies

I did find other LEGO Friends School Supplies. I can personally vouch for the water bottle. We won it at Celebricktion last year for answering a question on the LEGO Movie:

“What is the name of the space-loving minifigure
that spends the movie trying to build a blue spaceship?”

I’ll let you answer that one for me in the comments. In the meantime, maybe you can find a few items to add to your kid’s school bundle:

 Have you found anything locally that I didn’t mention here? I’d be interested in hearing what you found and at what store…

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