LEGO Americana Roadshow Dates for 2016

Last year, we got the chance to see the LEGO Americana Roadshow upclose at our local mall. If you don’t know what it is, the LEGO Americana Roadshow is a tour where you can view large scale models of U.S. landmarks like the White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Statue of Liberty.

As an adult, it’s an impressive display of bricks. As a kid, I can only image the size of the monument builds to be surreal. If you haven’t seen the roadshow, I highly recommend you take the time to go.

Fortunately for you, the roadshow is back again for the 2016 year and starts tomorrow at Staten Island Mall in New York. It makes several stops throughout the year, so here is the full schedule for the roadshow:

Staten Island Mall
Staten Island, NY
January 16-31

Providence Place
Providence, RI
February 20 – March 6

Bridgewater Commons
Bridgewater, NJ
April 2-17

Beachwood Place
Beachwood, OH
May 14-30

Northbrook Court
Northbrook, IL
June 18 – July 4

Baybrook Mall
Friendswood, TX
July 30 – August 14

North Star Mall
San Antonio, TX
August 20 – September 5

Fashion Show
Las Vegas, NV
September 24 – October 9

Alderwood Mall
Lynnwood, WA
October 15-30

Sorry southeast! No visits for you this year from the LEGO Americana Roadshow. Maybe next year if they do it again.

Also if you’d like to see photos of the roadshow, you can check out our LEGO Americana Roadshow album on flickr.

Have you been or are you excited to visit the LEGO Americana Roadshow?


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