July 2016 LEGO Club Meeting & Frog Build Instructions

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a LEGO Club meeting. I’ve spoken about this before and this is the first build since the bumblebee she has shown an interest in building. Taking the time to show her the build and ask her if she has any interest in building it has really been helpful. Such a simple concept to ask your child if they’re interested, right? So this weekend, we went to the July 2016 LEGO Club meeting.


LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-091805

While there was still some pushback about building by herself, she was attentive and did an excellent job of following directions. I was very happy with how the morning turned out.


LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-093209

She was also excited about building the habitat for the frog… which of course, involved lots of pink and yellow bricks. Fortunately, one of the employees came around and gave us a considerable amount of sand green 1×2 plates and 1×1 bricks.


LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-140824

Which, as you can see, we didn’t use any of in her final build. Mami will probably keep these bricks for herself.


LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-095203

She also had a good show-and-tell moment. I do like it when she is excited to show off her creations. Feeling like she made something good is important to her self-worth.


LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-170424

Our frog ended up eating fireflies instead of the scary spider. ;)



Resources to build the July 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Frog

LEGO Monthly Mini Build July 2016 Frog-170419

As usual, you can download a parts list from Brickset. You can also download the instructions for the July 2016 LEGO Monthly Mini Build Frog here.



When is the next LEGO Monthly Mini Build Registration

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