Change In The LEGO Monthly Mini Build Program

When I wrote my post on the December 2015 LEGO Monthly Mini Build registration, it was before LEGO had the registration page active this past Sunday. As far as I knew, it was business as usual.

Change in the LEGO Monthly Mini Build Program

However, LEGO made a small change to the program. If you can’t read the image about, there’s a small section to the end that states:

IMPORTANT: The Monthly Mini Model Build will be a LEGO® VIP exclusive event starting in January 2016. In order to sign up on December 15th guests will need a registered VIP email address. It is free to become a LEGO VIP and is highly recommended to sign up or register your VIP card at at least two days before December 15th.

If you read my blog at all, you know I’m a big advocate of the VIP program. If you plan on buying LEGO sets full price from the LEGO store or Shop@Home, there is no better value than this program. You’ll get VIP Points for each purchase, which basically equates to $5 for every $100 spent. You can then use this discount whenever you choose. You will also get days during the year to earn double points on purchases. Finally, you’re in the loop for all the sales and special VIP promotions. There really are no downsides to the program.

If you’re not a LEGO VIP, you can sign up at the VIP website.

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