LEGO Juniors Birthday Kit Printables

The Little Brick turns 5 this year and we’ve started working on picking a birthday party theme. Of course, the thought did cross our minds to throw a LEGO-themed birthday party. So it was great to see that LEGO has a LEGO Juniors Birthday Kit on their website! Fortunately, it’s not just geared towards boys… there are kit elements for girls, too. Here’s a rundown of what they have:

Birthday Flags

LEGO_Birthday_Flags_Police_Theme_Printable(Download LEGO Birthday Flags – Police Theme)
(Download Instructions for LEGO Birthday Flags – Police Theme)


LEGO_Birthday_Flags_Princess_Theme_Printable(Download LEGO Birthday Flags – Princess Theme)
(Download Instructions for LEGO Birthday Flags – Princess Theme)

Easy to print. Easy to assemble. All these require are the printouts (and scissors to cut them out), a hole punch and a bit of string.


Birthday Name Cards

LEGO_Birthday_Namecard_Police_Printable(Download LEGO Birthday Name Cards – Police Theme)


LEGO_Birthday_Namecard_Princess(Download LEGO Birthday Name Cards – Princess Theme)

A simple addition to any birthday setup, but I’m not so in love with them. When was the last time you had assigned seating at a kids birthday party? Exactly. It’s usually a ton of chaos and the ultimate goal being to get the kids to sit down to eat wherever you can. I’m not sure I would even print these out for our party. However… you could always print them out on sticker sheets and cut them to the outline so you could use them as name tags for shirts. Slap one of those puppies on the back of each of the kids and then you would know their names with a quick glance!


Birthday Cards

LEGO_Birthday_card_Police(Download LEGO Birthday Cards – Police Theme)

LEGO_Birthday_card_Princess(Download LEGO Birthday Cards – Princess Theme)

These super cute birthday cards would probably be really great as Thank You cards to send out for gifts received. All you need is 4×6 envelopes in which to mail them.


Birthday Placemats

LEGO_Birthday_Placemat_Police(Download LEGO Birthday Placement – Police Theme)

LEGO_Birthday_Placemat_Princess(Download LEGO Birthday Placement – Princess Theme)

These are great for carrying the theme to the table setup. I can see them dressing up a table with a mix of solid colored plates, cups and utensils.


Birthday Mask – Robber

LEGO_Birthday_Mask_Robber(Download LEGO Birthday Mask for Robbers)

Birthday Crown Princess

LEGO_Birthday_Crown_Crown_Princess(Download LEGO Birthday Crowns for Princesses)

Goodie Bags

LEGO Juniors Memory Game(Download LEGO Memory Game)

You could print these out, laminate and cut them up for the goodie bags. Throw a handful of loose bricks and a LEGO animal into the bag and you’re good to go!


Coloring Pages

LEGO_Coloring_Pages(View more LEGO coloring pages here.)

The birthday site had a *ton* of coloring pages. The image above only shows a few of them. But I thought it would be fun to print out random sheets and put one in each goodie bag with a few crayons. Better yet, you could create a small book from the coloring pages. Do some two-sided printing and fold and staple the pages in the middle would make a great take-along book.

It’s not a ton of items, but they’re definitely a start if you plan on throwing a LEGO-themed birthday party.

What do you think about the LEGO Birthday Kit website? What else would you want to make it more of a complete decorating solution?

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