How to Make Your Own LEGO Ideas Bambi Scene

I often have thoughts of making my own set to submit to LEGO Ideas. So many ideas floating around in my head, yet never enough time to sit down to build. You may not believe it, but I’m still building the Blue Corner Cafe from 2 years ago. (Winter Village took priority last year.) But I may just make the time to raid the girl’s LEGO stash to make my own version of this LEGO Ideas Bambi set. FYI – This post has affiliate links below.


LEGO Ideas Bambi

If you’ve never heard of Bambi, it is a 1942 animated drama film produced by Walt Disney. Beloved by many kids (and adults like myself), it has stood the test of time as far as animated movies go. I have yet to show it to the girl, due to the traumatic event in the first few scenes (which I won’t spoil for you in the event you *haven’t* seen the movie.) You’re going to think I’m silly, but I just remember I was well into my early teens before I could think of Bambi and not cry. Why put the girl through that as well? *grin*

Disney has a good grip on their properties, so if I’m honest, I don’t believe this set will ever be made. Too many approval hurdles to jump though. Also, the number of animals in it is just too great. I can’t see LEGO putting it together in an affordable set. But I have to give the builder, vedosololego, much props for their design idea. It is an awesome one!


What you need to make your own set like the LEGO Ideas Bambi submission

If you, like me do not want to wait until LEGO releases this set, you can attempt to make your own version of the LEGO Ideas Bambi set. While I don’t have specific instructions for you on how to make the build, I’m going to guide you on where to find most of the animals for your scene.

If you’ve been collecting LEGO Friends Animal Series sets since they came out, you are well on your way! To get the animals, here are a few of the sets you would want to pick up:

In the meantime, I supported vedosololego’s LEGO Ideas Bambi set and I recommend you do so. too! You never know, Disney is the place where dreams do come true… Maybe the Disney gods will smile on this project and make it so. And once you’re done with that, make sure to share the project. I’m sure it would be much appreciated!

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