LEGO Ideas: Pac-Man

If you grew up in the 80’s, you probably spent a ton of time playing Pac-Man. I was never much allowed in arcades, but when I did go, that was my go-to game. My husband, on the other hand, was an arcade phenom. So, it’s pretty clear to see why we really like this LEGO Ideas Pac-Man submission.

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man


Yethan, known as Ethan in the real world, is the 16 year old creator of the idea and has this to say about his project:

I wanted to capture as many of the original aspects of the game as possible when making the set. My hardest challenge was whether or not to give Pac-Man eyes. I decided that I should give the final design eyes, because I felt it added to the playability factor. I made many models of Pac-Man and the Ghosts and in the end I stuck with two. I have the detailed version of the characters and beside that I have the microscale (pictures are available above). Due to piece limitation I was only able to build a Blue and Red model, but I would very much like to construct a Pink and Orange model in the future. I also have a white Lego brick on a stand that represents one of the Dots from the game. Lastly I wanted to add in some of the items. My models are of the most common items (the ones found in the earlier levels of the game): The Cherries and the Strawberry.

In one of his updates, he later added a model for Ms. Pac-Man and a Vulnerable Ghost.


My Take on the LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Submission

I’m excited about this idea as it is rather cute. A nostalgic throwback always gets me. Right now, the MOC is heavy on the red side for me. So, his idea of adding additional orange and pink ghost models would definitely add value to the set. The only other thing I would change is the stands. I’d love to see them transparent, but as transparent-clear plates, tiles and bars are hard to come by, I’m not sure he’ll be able to get his hands on them to update the MOC photos.

Also, while the majority of the LEGO Ideas sets have had a playability factor, this set doesn’t really lend itself to much play. However, there is hope for this set yet, as the LEGO Ideas Birds set (found on Amazon) is very much a display set with no playability factor. It has clearly done well, so we will see…

In the meantime, we still need to get this project supported! Please make sure to visit Ethan’s LEGO Ideas Pac-Man project and vote to show your support!

And while you’re at it, why don’t you share this post and drop Ethan a line on Twitter to let him know you did just that. He would greatly appreciate it:

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