LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg

I will admit I’m not a fan of the Fabergé egg. It was a lot of opulence for a simple trinket that would sit on a shelf and not get seen very often. However, when I saw this LEGO Ideas project, I couldn’t pass up sharing it with you guys and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg

Details on the LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg Project

The creator, Swan Dutchman, has this to say about his LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg project:

The most famous jewelled eggs are the Fabergé eggs made by Peter Carl Fabergé between 1885 and 1917 for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. The Tsars presented the eggs as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers.

Nowadays, there are a few companies that make egg-shaped jewellery inspired on the original Fabergé eggs. Why not make a jewelled egg from bricks?

The egg is made of ruby bricks and decorated with polished gold ornaments and clear diamonds. Upon the top of the egg there is a polished golden crown. The egg is set upon a pedestal of pure gold. And, like many jewelled eggs, it has a theme and contains a surprise inside: it’s a wedding egg!

For those who want to know how many parts the egg contains: about 700, but it could be around 500 or less if only a couple of parts would exist in the right colour.


Now, take a look at these awesome photos:

LEGO Ideas Jewelled EggLEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg

LEGO Ideas Fabergé Egg

My Take on the LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg

As you can see, there are a ton of details involved in making the LEGO Ideas Jewelled Egg. What I particularly like about the build, is that it uses techniques which teach the concept of how to build rounded models, something I know gives many aspiring builders nightmares. I also love that he managed to add that little something extra inside the egg.

I know it probably cost him a pretty penny to make a real-life MOC of his build, versus creating it digitally. However, I think it was well worth it as I feel creating an actual MOC makes the build project easier to visualize and puts us one step closer to actually getting the build made. The details are beautiful, and like I said, while I’m not a fan of Fabergé eggs, I would definitely purchase one of these sets!

For full details on the project, please make sure to visit Swan Dutchman’s LEGO Ideas project and take the time to vote to show your support!

And while you’re at it, why don’t you share this post? You can also visit Swan Dutchman’s flickr page to view more of his work. He would greatly appreciate it:

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