LEGO Doner Kebab House / Restaurant

Are you feeling hungry? How about some kebabs or shawarma at the Doner Kebab House?

I absolutely love this modular. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the fact it serves shawarma. But aside from that, it’s awfully cute and has some great details. Among my favorites are the drink fridge, the bar and stools by the window (reminds me of a local donut shop here), and the first floor tile floors. You can see them in the pictures below:

lego-ideas-doner-kabob-house-3 lego-ideas-doner-kabob-house-4 lego-ideas-doner-kabob-house-5 wpid-1830514-o_19ftb6b4i1q7s6j7scaticnvn1f-full.jpg

The only thing missing from this restaurant is a set of bathrooms. With all the space on the second floor, I think they would go great there…especially since there is extra seating in the second floor patio. I know it seems weird to put bathrooms on a second floor in a restaurant, but Maggiano’s restaurants have bathrooms on the second floor and it works great for them! Why not for this modular idea, too?

Anywho… if you like this build, you can support it by voting at the LEGO Ideas site. At the time of this writing, it only had 239 supporters. Go help them out with a few more!

What do you think of this restaurant modular?

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