Fixes For WALL-E Loose Head Issue

You may or may not have heard the LEGO WALL-E set was pulled from online shelves due to issues with the neck area not holding the head position. Basically, WALL-E’s neck moves too freely in the current build. However, LEGO is planning on bringing it back with a new fix.


Fixes For WALL-E Loose Head

For those of you who were planning on purchasing this set for Christmas, I’m sorry to disappoint with the news it won’t be available in LEGO stores. (While the Shop@Home site says the set will be available to ship December 20, 2015, the initial reports said the set would not be available again until after the fix, sometime February 2016.)

If you still want the set, you can probably manage to get your hands on one before the Christmas rush begins on eBay or Amazon. If you go that route, you can contact The LEGO Group customer service and let them know you own a Wall-E with the neck issue. My understanding is they are compiling a list and will be getting back with us when they come up with a solution. How do I know this? Here is their response to my query from the other day:

Thanks for getting in touch with us.

I’m sorry there’s a problem with your LEGO® Ideas set 21303 WALL·E.

Like you, we’re big fans of this bold little robot and we wanted to make sure that LEGO WALL·E was just as fun as the character in the film. For that reason, we gave LEGO WALL·E the ability to turn his head all the way around.

However, as we’ve since heard that some fans feel WALL·E’s head moves a little too freely, we’ve decided to take their advice and make some improvements to the set. Our designers are currently working on some small changes and we hope to have a new solution in the next few weeks.

I’ll get back in touch as soon as the new solution’s available!

As you can see, there were no definitive answers in their response. I would like to think they will follow up as the customer service representative says.

If you don’t care to wait until LEGO potentially sends new parts and instructions, I have a few solutions for you with fixes for WALL-E loose head issue:

I may try both solutions when I finally open my WALL-E to see which one I like best.

In the meantime, do you know someone who has purchased the LEGO WALL-E set and might be having this issue with the neck positioning? Share this post with them and let them know there is a fix:

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