The Family Brick Reader Created LEGO Holiday Guide 2016

If you haven’t noticed, I spend quite a bit of time talking to you guys about the things that call our attention. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you all the things that you guys collectively like the most… at least enough to purchase! That’s why I’ve put together this post I’m calling “The Family Brick Reader Created LEGO Holiday Guide 2016”! Boy, that’s a mouthful…

As you may already know, I like to recommend purchasing from Amazon… and lot. For me, the convenience of online shopping and the ability to get new sets at retail  (and sometimes even a little lower) is hard to beat. Add in free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members and it’s just about the perfect trifecta.

Since I pepper the site with Amazon links, Amazon provides me with tracking abilities to see what items our readers have purchased. (Don’t worry! That is literally all of can see. I get no identifying information and am only told a purchase was made for an item.)

So I collected all that information for this year and created a Top 5 list of sorts, based on those LEGO-RELATED things most purchased for 2016 by you, the readers. I thought you guys might find it interesting, too, to see what everyone else is purchasing.

Starting with the most popular, here we go!


LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop (10245)

LEGO Creator Santa's Workshop (10245)


The LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop (10245) came in as the clear winner with 11 purchases total. I suspect that may have to do with the set potentially getting retired this year and now hard to find in stores.


LEGO Creator Emerald Express (31015)

LEGO Creator Emerald Express

Surprisingly, the LEGO Creator Emerald Express (31015) had a total of 7 purchases. (I would have thought that would have been divisible by 3, so the whole train could be built.) Regardless, it’s a solid set and worth picking up.


LEGO Winter Village Market (10235)

LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Market (10235)

TheLEGO Winter Village Market (10235) is probably the least of my favorites from the LEGO Winter Village theme. Clearly, that is not the case for you guys, as it had a total of 6 purchases this year. Is it the carousel? I know… you guys love that carousel…


LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10249)

LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop

The LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10249), which was re-released last year, made the list as well with 5 total purchases. Interesting to note, I didn’t see a single purchase of the original LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10199) from 2009. This set is still in LEGO stores, so you can pick it up the LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10249) on Shop@Home or pick up the LEGO Creator Winter Village Toy Shop (10249)on Amazon


LEGO Santa’s Visit (40125)

LEGO Seasonal Santa's Visit (40125)


Finally, with 5 total purchases, you guys added the LEGO Santa’s Visit (40125) to the list. This is definitely one of my all time favorite sets.

At this point, I stopped, because the remaining purchases were onesie twosies.


A few more stats and observations, if you’re a lover of numbers:

  • You guys *clearly* love the LEGO Winter Theme… or that is what you buy through our site, since that is what we blog about the most.
  • There were a total of 182 LEGO purchases.
  • 76 of them were NOT related to the winter theme.
  • 26 of them were not LEGO sets, but books, clothing, luggage, DVDs, storage and school supplies.


Did you find The Family Brick Reader Created LEGO Holiday Guide 2016 an interesting read? What else would you have liked to know?

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