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I felt is was time I give this blog post an update as since my initial writing, I have tried a new LEGO monthly box subscription service and found another one to try, too! If you’ve read this post before, check out the information for Booster Bricks and MiniFig Club below.

I love getting questions from readers. Most of the time, I know the answer immediately, but sometimes, like with this question, I have to do some research. So when a reader recently asked me where they could sign up to purchase a LEGO monthly box subscription for their grandchild, I went straight to the internet to do some searching.

You’ve seen the boxes for other things. You know…the monthly gift boxes which bring you anything from razors to Japanese treats. Did you know there is something like that out there for LEGO? So while there is no official LEGO monthly box subscription, there are other alternatives!

Here are your options… oh, and by the way, there are affiliate links below. They are no cost to you and they help us keep this website running. Win! Win!:


Booster Bricks – LEGO Monthly Box Subscription Service

Booster Bricks is an exclusive VIP style monthly LEGO club. While you can’t simply visit the website and signup immediately, you can ask to be put on a waiting list to join the service. Since the service is based around cleaned, used bricks, they have to make sure they can accommodate your new subscription before adding you as a member, which is always good.

Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Club

What you get with Booster Bricks

Each month, you can expect to receive a box of cleaned, used bricks separated into bags. The bags are for each of the following challenges:

  • Premier Challenge
  • Minifigure Challenge
  • MicroBuild Challenge
  • Mystery Box

Each challenge has a different monthly theme that is shared with you within the box. Their boxes ship out on the middle of the month, although they seem to be having some growing pains and boxes have been getting sent more towards the end of the month. Keep that in mind if you plan on signing up.

The unique thing about this subscription is that it also includes membership to a private Facebook group, where you can communicate with the staff and all other VIP members. There you will also participate in showing off your challenge builds, for which you can win extra bricks if your build is picked as the winner. They also run random contests for things like LEGO photography and holiday builds, to name a few.

While these are used bricks, all of the bricks you receive have been cleaned and sanitized.


How much is a Booster Bricks box subscription

Booster Bricks boxes come in three different flavors:

  • Monthly Subscription: $24.95/month
  • 6 Month Subscription: $21.95/month
  • 12 Month Subscription: $18.95/month

You still have to pay $6.45 shipping and handling (USA, that is – other countries can expect to pay more) on top of that, so it is more like $25.40 a month at its best.

If you’re not sold yet, you can check out our Booster Bricks Monthly LEGO Subscription Service Review from earlier this month.


Brick Loot – LEGO Monthly Box Subscription Service

Brick Loot was the awesome brain child of 9 year old Parker Krex. Created as a way to fund his LEGO hobby, Brick Loot grew from an idea to reality with the support of his parents.

Brick Loot

What you get with Brick Loot

While you will know the theme, but not the contents, you can expect to receive 4 – 8 items each month to include:

  • Custom Kits with LEGO Bricks
  • Kits by famous LEGO Designers
  • Brick Loot Exclusives
  • LEGO Accessories
  • Custom LEGO Minifigures

Their boxes ship out on the 10th of each month.


How much is a Brick Loot box subscription

Brick Loot boxes start at $24.95/month for a 12 month subscription. You still have to pay $6 shipping and handling (USA, that is – other countries can expect to pay more) on top of that, so it is more like $30.95 a month.

If you’re not ready to jump in head first, you can purchase a one-month subscription for $27.00 + $6.00 shipping for a grand total of $32.00. You probably drop almost that much if not more with monthly visits to The LEGO Store, so maybe you should try a box for a month just to see!


Update 11/3/2016 – Check out our review of an actual Brick Loot box! You can see what we got and our comments on the box subscription on the review page.


Brickbox – LEGO Monthly Box Subscription Service

While Brick Loot is a singular LEGO monthly box subscription, Brickbox does that… and a little more! They provide an item to fit all price points.


What you get with Brickbox

You can get Brickbox in 3 different flavors:

  • Brickbox
    This is the standard box which comes with a licensed BRICK set, at least one Minifigure and lots of other items like: exclusive accessories, mixels, blind bags, notebooks, and more.
  • Brickbox Mini
    Brickbox Mini is a smaller version of their premium Brickbox product. One month you may get a set, another a collection of minifigures, etc…
  • Brickbox Loot
    Brickbox Loot was designed for the minifigure collector. Each month, you’ll get a Minifigure and accessories. These can also be custom designs or original LEGO rarities.

How much is a Brickbox subscription

The standard Brickbox starts at $29.99 + $9.99 shipping to North America, bringing the total to $39.98.

The mini Brickbox starts at $19.99 + $9.99 shipping to North America, bringing the total to $29.98.

The Brickbox Loot package starts at $13.99 + $5.99 shipping to North America, bringing the total to $19.98.


MiniFig Club – LEGO Monthly Box Subscription Service

If you’re more into minifigures, this is the club for you. MiniFig Club mails you minifigures each month. You can even select your theme.

MiniFig Club - LEGO Subscription Service

What you get with MiniFig Club

This is a LEGO subscription box which mails you 4-6 minifigures each month. MiniFig Club currently has 6 themes to choose from:

  • Classic
  • Friends
  • Random Minifigs
  • Star Wars
  • Super Heroes
  • Warriors

All of the minifigures in your monthly box would be related to the theme you pick.


How much is a MiniFig Club subscription

This is where it gets a little complicated. While you have 6 themes to choose from, not each theme is the same price. Nor does it give you the same amount of minifigures. So here is the breakdown:

  • Classic: 4 minifigures for $22.99/month or 6 minifigures for $26.99/month
  • Friends: 4 minifigures for $24.99/month or 6 minifigures for $29.99/month
  • Random Minifigs: 4 minifigures for $24.99/month or 6 minifigures for $30.99/month
  • Star Wars: 4 minifigures for $26.99/month or 6 minifigures for $34.99/month
  • Super Heroes: 4 minifigures for $26.99/month or 6 minifigures for $34.99/month
  • Warriors: 4 minifigures for $24.99/month or 6 minifigures for $30.99/month

I put in a question with the company to see how easy it is to change your theme once you start the subscription, but I have yet to hear back. If/when I do, I’ll make sure to let you know.


After doing all this research, I might make plans to purchase a LEGO monthly box subscription for Mr. The Family Brick for his upcoming birthday. I think it would make a fun treat for any LEGO fanatic.

Have you purchased LEGO monthly box subscription from either of these websites? What did you think of it?

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  1. Hi family brick, I was just wondering whether you could send me a free family brick subscription box so I can promote it on my YouTube channel (Simon creative productions). If I do enjoy this box I will subscribe. Thank you

    1. Hi Simon – We don’t have any subscription boxes. This is just a post of the ones we’ve come across. Have you seen any others?

  2. Hey there Mrs.! I just wanted to let you know about another subscription site specifically for Lego Minifig Toys called It is a little less expensive than the ones you listed (with shipping that is) and you can pick your package of 4 or 6 MiniFigs with your selected Theme as well.

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