LEGO Valentines

This weekend, Mr. Family Brick reminded me about getting Valentine’s Day cards for The Little Brick… of course, I decided instead to create LEGO Valentines!

It wasn’t my first go-to idea. I initially went to Pinterest to see what all the crafty people were making for with their kids. I had ideas for “Let’s stick together, Valentine” gummy bags and “Super Hero” Tootsie pops, but as I made my way to the store, the idea hit me to make something non-edible. Since we have buckets full of LEGO bricks, I thought, “why not make some hearts?”

Once I got home, I did a quick search to see what type of LEGO valentines others had already made. I found tons of great ideas, but ultimately decided I’d stick with making hearts. There are several different hearts to model, using all different types of bricks:

But in the end, I went with the following simple build for The Little Brick’s valentines.

LEGO Valentine Brick Build

In the photo above, you can see the build is very simple: 2 1×2 slopes, 6 2×2 bricks and 2 2×3 bricks. We used these instead of 1x’s simply because we have more 2x’s than the other.


LEGO Valentines in a row

For The Little Brick’s class we had to make 14 total.


LEGO Valentines Day printable

I made a cute little printable to go with the LEGO hearts. I got the wording idea from the Clarks Condensed blog and the image of UniKitty from CreativeNyx on DeviantArt. You can download the free LEGO Valentines printable here.

What do you think? Not bad for a quick card making!


LEGO Valentines in bags

Once the wrappers were all printed and cut out, we put the hearts in little baggies and stapled the Valentine’s cards to the bags. I think they turned out pretty decent and The Little Brick is very happy.

If you’re looking for other LEGO valentine ideas, here are a few more I liked:

Have you found any other LEGO valentines you’d love to make?

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