Celebricktion 2015 Event in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the stores we visit to pick up our spare bricks is getting ready to run the first ever LEGO convention here in the Atlanta area. On October 9th & 10th, Bricks shop will host Celebricktion 2015, a LEGO convention for the LEGO fan of all ages!

According to the website, these are the planned events and attractions:

For this event, Lego builders Harry and Austin Nijenkamp “free built” (meaning no plans or drawings) an entire city with over one million LEGO pieces featuring parks, 12-foot plus high skyscrapers, streets and even a parade containing thousands of LEGO mini figures.  It took over a year to build this amazing city.

Also at this event:

– A replica of Nijenkamp’s LEGO Studio to provide insight into how they create  their giant exhibits.

– BRICKS custom 4′ MOCs including Helms Deep, Winter Village, Spooktacular Haunted Scene, and Pirate Island

– Custom 3D printed minifigure heads of your self

– A LEGO Robotics demonstration

– Kids Freebuild Area with over 100,000 LEGO Bricks

– Kids bounce house

– Play various LEGO games

– See various creations by other metro-Atlanta, LEGO enthusiasts.

– Many LEGO vendors selling hard to find new and used LEGO sets, custom minifigures/bricks, light kits and more

– Pictures with Mr. Bricks and other LEGO Mascots

Tickets are $15 at the door or $12 in advanced. If you are LEGO enthusiast who wishes to display their MOCs at the event, tickets are available for $50, which includes a custom goodie bag with special events and contests for the duration of the convention.

This will be our first time attending a LEGO convention. We did attend an exhibition by Nijenkamp last year as a charity benefit for the Drake House… I just never got around to posting photos of the event. I’ll see about getting my review of the exhibition up, so you can get a preview of their free-built city. It was pretty awesome.

So, we have plans to attend as exhibitors and display our Winter Village setup we’ve been working on all year. I also have a few more ideas for MOCs to display, but if I plan on doing that, I have to get started building!

Have you ever attended or exhibited at a LEGO convention? What was your experience like?

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