We Build LEGO… The Beginning…


When I was a little girl, I never had any LEGO. I remember having a Barbie doll, whose hair I managed to cut off thinking she would look good with a short haircut. There was a Disney record player and a Mickey Mouse Disco LP that was played over and over and over again. But no LEGO.

There weren’t many toys to begin with. Really, when I look back, it wasn’t until I met my husband and his LEGO obsession that I realized I liked LEGO, too. And I think it all started with a trip to the Disney Village LEGO store on our honeymoon to buy a MINDSTORMS Robotics Kit

So here we are. 16 years later and I still love LEGO. Even more so recently that we’ve started on a LEGO kick last year. Add a 3 year old to the mix and well… Suffice to say, our local LEGO store knows my husband’s name.

Without a place to share all this LEGO love and photography, the We Build LEGO blog was born.

Are you a LEGO blogger? Share your website below! I’d love to stop by and visit.


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