Celebricktion 2015 is a week out!

Yes, that’s right! Celebricktion 2015 is a week out and we are sooooo excited to exhibit! We’ve been a bit nervous about the event, but we just had a neighbor’s young son over for a visit. His reaction to our MOC was exactly what we were hoping for, so woot!


Celebricktion 2015 poster

There are also posters out for the event, as you can see above.


Celebricktion 2015 Tshirt

The also have tshirts ready to go!

Oh, and BrickJournal wrote an article on Harry Nijenkamp and his amazing centerpiece MOC, now that it comes with lights! Cannot wait to see it when the lights are dimmed.

You can pick up the magazine at BrickJournal website, or you can download a copy of the article here.

Do you still need your ticket to Celebricktion? You can get them at the door, but they’re cheaper if you catch the Groupon for them while it’s still active! There are 5 days left to purchase the deal. After that, I recommend you purchase the tickets on the Celebricktion website for a discount from the at-the-door price.

Are you planning on going to Celebricktion this year? Let us know! We’d love to see you there!

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