DixieLUG July 2016 Meeting Recap

Last month, after the Saturday morning LEGO Club meeting, we went our way to the DixieLUG July 2016 meeting. The girl was happy, since she got to build a frog and we were excited to hang out with other like-minded people. Where there’s LEGO, there’s fun…unless you’re stepping on a brick with bare feet… but I digress.

As usual, there were plenty of MOCs. Our friend, Dana, made some additions to his moonbase setup…including adding a rotating restaurant!  I took a quick video so you could see it in action:

I’m not known for my videography skills, so you guys will have to bear with me in regards to the audio quality and whatnot.


DixieLUG July 2016 LUG Meeting-140655

He also brought along his version of the GBC, otherwise known as the Great Ball Contraption.


DixieLUG July 2016 LUG Meeting-135900

The kids were fascinated with it.


Pretty cool in how it works, so I shot the video above of it as well.

There were more moonbase MOCs brought in and they easily attached to each other. I always find that awesome.

Finally, there were a few additional items…to include a modular LEGO store, which was pretty neat.

DixieLUG July 2016 LUG Meeting-140722

We also had a door prize contest, brick weight contest, brick total contests…always fun…even if we don’t win.


Andrew  and the Dunns were also kind enough to bring in some of their collection of LEGO boxes from their childhood. Those were pretty awesome to look at.


DixieLUG July 2016 LUG Meeting-160527

Towards the end of the meeting, we had a relay race build. They (and I say they, because the girl wanted me to hang out with her yet again…one of these days I’ll get to participate) split up into two teams. Each person had 1 minute to build on the set.


DixieLUG July 2016 LUG Meeting-151248

The set we built was the LEGO Architecture New York City (21028). While it’s not a lot of pieces, having teams take 1-minute turns building did make the game take a while. We’re still working on finding the right games to play that won’t seem like they take forever.

If you want to take a look at some of the craziness, you can view my video below:

Sometime during the game, one of our members, The Brick Bank, showed up with 6 50 gallon tubs of used LEGO bricks for us to sift through. I had no plans on purchasing anything that day, but once I started looking for a wheel I’m missing, I found a few pieces and immediately got hooked. Fortunately, I walked away with a bag full of plenty of parts and minifigures for use in our builds and to put in our shop.

All in all, it was a really great meeting. And I’m glad to say the group is growing! But we always have room for more LEGO lovers.

Hope to see you there next month!

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