Response from LEGO Idea Planetary Exploration Creator

I love getting responses back from LEGO builders when I comment on their work. Seeing that they care about their fan base and supporters is pretty awesome.

The other day when I mentioned the LEGO Ideas Planetary Exploration set, I went to add my support for the build and left the builder the following comment:

I don’t doubt you will easily gain your 10000 supporters! I am crossing my fingers and hoping you get approved. This set would be so much fun to play with. My 3-year-old wants it right now! lol

Imagine my surprise to see he actually responded back with:

Your article made me choke up a bit! Thank you so much for your kind words! Also, you can tell your daughter that, even though the native inhabitants on this planet are actually quite hospitable and friendly, despite their otherworldly appearance. And the creature loves to play fetch! ;)

It’s nice to get comments when you acknowledge someone else.

Have you seen this set yet? It’s got a hover craft… and he’s already at 900+ supporters!

You should go check it out!

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