Build a LEGO Friends Piano

Earlier this month, our LEGO store had a LEGO Friends building event. While it was on our anniversary, we took the girl to build the LEGO Friends Piano. Cheaper than a babysitter… I mean, it’s not like we were going anywhere special or anything…


LEGO Friends Piano

Originally, I thought the two builds (piano and drum set) would be on separate days. However, once we arrived, we saw the tables set up with a mix of the two sets.


The LEGO employee running the show set the scene. Each table was forming a band. The kids selected a band name and their first hit song. Our table went with “The Stars Rock” for their band name and “Unicorns” for the song name. The only boy in the group wasn’t too happy about the band name and song, but his mama basically told him tough luck since he was out numbered by the girls.


LEGO Friends Piano

After they built their instrument, they also got a chance to build some transportation for the LEGO Friends Pop Star group. Out came a box of bricks with lots or purple and gold pieces….


LEGO Friends Build Event - Guitar and Gold Microphone

along with this awesome gold microphone and gold-detailed guitar, which each kid got to take home with them.


After the build was done, each kid got a bag with a sewing machine build that has some cloth pieces so kids can pretend their sewing for the LEGO Friends minifigures. They also got a set of friendship bracelets with 2×2 coupling plates (3176) each so when the bracelets are together, they make a heart. (Unanimous awwws all around…)

It was a fun time and it was clear the kids enjoyed it. I’m happy to see LEGO took the time to make a build event around the LEGO Friends theme. I hope to see them do the same for all the other themes as well.


How to Build Your Own LEGO Friends Piano

LEGO Friends Piano Parts List

If you want to build your own LEGO Friends piano, you can do so with a small parts list.

There is no specific set number, but I did manage to grab a snapshot of the instructions before they collected them all. You can download your own instructions for the LEGO Friends Piano build here.

Did you attend the LEGO Friends build? How did you like it?

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