LEGO Brand Disney Princess Video

Mr. Family Brick found the cutest video about the LEGO Disney Princesses last night. Looks like it was posted back in February, but I never ran across it. He put it on the tv and The Little Brick was just mesmerized. Truth be told, so was I!

So in honor of Little Bricks birthday (Happy Birthday Little Brick!), here’s the video:

How do you like the LEGO Brand Disney Princess video?

Speaking of LEGO Disney Princesses… I was reading a blog post on The Brick Fan and saw there are new LEGO Disney Princess sets coming out this fall:

Sleeping Beauty’s Royal Bedroom (41060) – 24.99/$12.99
Jasmine’s Exotic Palace (41061) – 39.99/$19.99
Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (41062) – 69.99/$34.99
Ariel’s Undersea Palace (41063) – 99.99/$79.99 

While I’m sure Sleeping Beauty’s Royal Bedroom will be cute and many will be waiting on Ariel’s Undersea Palace, can I tell you how excited I am about Jasmine’s Exotic Palace and Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle? Or at least, The Little Brick will be super excited about having her own little LEGO Elsa to play with.

With any luck, we’ll also get some Elsa polybags, like they did for Rapunzel last Christmas, because it would be nice to have more than one Elsa in the house.

Which LEGO Disney Princess set are you excited to see?

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