How to Build a LEGO Elves Treehouse

This past weekend, we took a trip to the LEGO store to build the LEGO Elves Treehouse. When we signed up for the event, we didn’t know exactly what we would be building. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised with this awesome little build.


Our Morning At The LEGO Elves Treehouse Build Event

LEGO Elves Treehouse Build-091503

The girl and I were running a little late, so by the time we got there the other kids were already spread out on the floor halfway through the build. We grabbed our box and got right to work.


LEGO Elves Treehouse Build Event-094736

I thought I snapped a bunch of photos for the event. However, when I looked on my phone, I found I completely missed grabbing a few snapshots of the girl building with another little friend from school. I did manage to get a photograph of the builds all the girls made during free build time. But again, nothing much else.


LEGO Elves Treehouse Build Event-094654

I couldn’t even tell you exactly what the storyline behind the event was, since we came 10 minutes late and got separated into a second group of late comers who needed a little more time to build, but you know it had to do with the Elves, dragons and a treehouse.

So, I have to comment on something else… As I saw parents trickle in with their kids in tow, I watched the stress level of the LEGO employee rise and subsequently the decline of my child’s experience that morning.

If you ever attend a free LEGO event, I highly recommend you show up on time. Not only is it considerate of the LEGO employees running the event, but it is also considerate of all those other people who managed to bring their kids to the event on time. (I know, I know, I showed up late this time, so I’m part of the problem, but this is generally the exception to the rule.) It’s a difficult task those employees do, having to deal with young builders at different skill levels in a large group setting. If you’ve ever witnessed an event, you know some kids zip through the builds while others barely show any interest. Also, the employees have a script to follow and only get so much time for each section of the event. When we show up late, it forces them to backtrack and create secondary groups to accommodate those who showed up late. It also ruins the experience for all those who showed up on time. Be considerate and show up 5 minutes early… Not 10 minutes late like I did.

/end soapbox rant


LEGO Elves Poster-074527

LEGO Elves Emily Keychain-074640

Finally, everyone got to go home with a goodie bag. This time, we found a LEGO Elves poster and an Emily keychain.


How To Build A LEGO Elves Treehouse

The actual build is awfully cute:


It’s very “Elves”-style, with nice sand green curved bricks for the roof and lovely pink and purple leaf pieces for the tree foliage,

This time, the instructions didn’t come with a parts list, but if you want to build your own treehouse, I did snap a photo of the instructions for you. They were picking them back up from participants this time around… not sure why.

Anywho… here are the instructions to build the treehouse:


LEGO Elves Treehouse Build Instructions

LEGO Elves Treehouse Build Instructions

We really enjoyed the build and hope you enjoy making your own LEGO Elves Treehouse at home, too!

6 thoughts on “How to Build a LEGO Elves Treehouse

  1. Ah, interesting! This is the exact same set that was used at a Toys R Us “Make and Take” event last year. Since those operate on walk-ups rather than a preregistration, it’s much easier to go in (even without a child with you!) and snag one. They also turn up on eBay afterwards.

    I’m jealous of that poster, though.

    1. Hey Ray! Thanks for commenting.

      That *is* interesting the build was recycled. And here I thought it was a brand new build.

      I’ve been meaning to go to a Toys R Us “Make and Take”, but they unsurprisingly seem to coincide with other events at LEGO stores… ;)

  2. Thanks for posting this – and snagging a snapshot of the instructions. Two questions:

    What is happening betweeen Step 3 and Step 4? I can’t see a difference between the two images on the instruction sheet.

    And in Steps 10 and 11, what color is the 1 x 2 plate with the clips on it? Reddish brown? (a new color for the part, if so). Is it a 1 x 2 plate?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Marie – Thanks for writing in!

      It looks like between steps 3 and 4, you’re just rotating the plate so you can add the cheese slopes on the other side.

      For Steps 10 and 11, they are 2 1×2 plates with horizontal clip on end and they are both brown / reddish brown.

    1. I think you’re right about that, then! I wasn’t there for that part of the build, so I may have missed the LEGO employee commenting that it was a duplicate step. Thanks for pointing that out!

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