6 Clever LEGO Leprechaun Trap Ideas

With St. Patrick’s Day arriving tomorrow, I started a search for building instructions for LEGO shamrocks. In the process, I ran across an idea for LEGO Leprechaun trap. Have you ever heard of a Leprechaun trap? I haven’t.


What is a Leprechaun Trap

Well… I *may* have heard of one before, I just didn’t put 2 and 2 together. Irish folklore says that if you catch a Leprechaun, they’ll trade their pot of gold for their freedom. I suspect if I had known what it was, I would have made many more in my youth.

I wonder how many people have actually caught a leprechaun…


6 Clever LEGO Leprechaun Trap Builds

As my search morphed from shamrocks to Leprechaun traps, I found some excellent inspiration for our own build. There were so many clever ideas for leprechaun traps and two really called my attention.

Maybe they’ll inspire you, too:

And you… do you have a leprechaun trap idea you’d care to share with us? Leave a link in the comments below!

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