Mr. Family Brick’s Complete the Room Challenge Entry

Remember the Complete the Room Modular Challenge I mentioned earlier this month? Time is finally coming to a close and we’ve submitted our entries!

We brainstormed together what ideas we wanted to submit and as it turned out, we each ended up building one idea individually. We had a few favorite ideas like a house rave and a fortune tellers room, but in the end, we went in different directions. I believe we nixed those two ideas for various reasons. For example, we don’t own a fortune teller minifigure… not sure how to go about making a table cloth covered table… much less make it levatate. For the rave, we skipped it because while it would be fun to display a DJ with tons of minifigures dancing, it was detracting from the decor, of which there wasn’t much to begin with. Since minifigures weren’t a requirement, we again went with something else.

May we present the first entry…The Music Parlor!



The music parlor includes a piano, 2 sofa chairs, an area rug, 2 framed wall hangings, a flower pot and a sheet music stand. However, the best feature of the Music Parlor has to be the hardwood floors. I think they really make the room.



We had some difficulty with the size of the original piano. Mr. Family Brick had me do some searching to see what LEGO piano MOCs I could find online. I found instructions for a LEGO piano that ended up being *way* too large as it took up the whole room. So after all that work Mr. Family Brick put into building it, he had to take it apart and rethink the build to scale it down. His secondary version, while lovely, is not as solid as either one of us would like… but does get the point across well.


Adding the minifgures just made it that much more fun.

All in all, we really like it and feel it is a solid entry for the contest. Hardly anyone has made a submission… not sure if people are holding their cards close or if the just haven’t started. Regardless, if your interested in participating in the fun, you still have time!

Have you made a submission? Leave me the link below!

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