LEGO Store Will Babysit…Not!

I’m not sure if anyone really ran across this article a week or two ago, but the Consumerist wrote about a mom who left her kid at her local LEGO store for 90 minutes while she went shopping…

LEGO stores are fun and amazing places for children, collectors, and for human beings in general. However, there is one thing they are not: a child care service where parents can ditch their kids while they shop. A mother from Long Island learned this earlier this week after she was arrested when she returned to the store to pick up her 7-year-old son.

…who said that the mother had been under the impression that store employees watched kids while they played…

The child was left in the store for about 90 minutes. A store manager approached him, and he seemed “frightened,” so the manager summoned mall security. They in turn summoned the police, who arrested the mother when she returned to the store. She had another outstanding warrant for petit larceny.

Photo by Kevin A. Hinkle

Really? I’m just speechless she even thought that was okay.

“Let me just leave my kid in a shop in the mall without some sort of check-in/check-out. I’m sure the works will know I’m their parent when I come to pick them up…”


*smacks hand to forehead*

We really should issue licenses so we can have children…

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