Our Morning at the 2015 LEGO VIP Special Event

We had a lovely morning at the Special LEGO VIP Shopping Event this past Saturday. Not much to report as there were no takeaways for VIP invitees this year like there were last year. It seems LEGO opted for discounts on sets instead of gifting exclusive sets to attendees.

Unfortunately, nothing they had discounted was calling our names, which was a big bummer.

I meant to grab a photo of everyone shopping, but while I had to take the girl to bathroom, everyone cleared out. It was much different than last year, where everyone hung out and chatted with each other far past the hour allotted for the special event.


LEGO Creator Changing Seasons 31038

We did, instead, choose to use the time to pick out a few Christmas presents for some super special kids we know who let is foster their love of LEGO. We also grabbed the LEGO Creator Changing Seasons set, cause while we don’t have space for it in our winter village build, I still wanted to build it.

Finally, we stopped by the other LEGO store, because our intended purchase of the LEGO Minifigure Series 14 Monster bags was derailed. We found out our store no longer had the bags and weren’t scheduled to get anymore from the warehouse. (If you shop at the North Point store, make a note and get them from Sugarloaf while you can!) Since both stores use the same warehouse, we thought it best to grab them while they still had them.

All in all, it was a good morning.

What did you pick up during the VIP shopping day?

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