New Holiday Train & Death Star available for LEGO VIPs today!

If you missed getting a look at LEGO’s September 2016 calendar, you missed seeing there are actually two early buys for LEGO VIPs this month!


Don’t mind my crazy looking husband and silly LEGO employee (you know who you are) in the photo above. This is what happens when we don’t see our friends at the LEGO store for long periods of time.

Photobombing at its best…

Anywhoooo… If you haven’t seen them, here’s what you can pick up before everyone else:


LEGO Winter Holiday Train

LEGO Holiday Train - LEGO Christmas Train

I’ve already written about the LEGO Winter Holiday Train. We are, after all, fans of LEGO Winter anything. So I won’t repeat much of what I wrote, except to say for those looking to add a train to their Winter Village setups, this is probably as easy as it gets.

While you know the original LEGO Holiday Train set is long retired, it is probably out of the price range of most of you, like us. Same goes for the LEGO Emerald Night Train set. That’s why we made our own train with the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express, but you already know that, for as much as I talk about it. So I wont’ bore you with more details…

Suffice to say, if you don’t have a holiday train, you should check this one out.


LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Oh you Star Wars fans who’ve been pining (with me) over the original LEGO Star Wars Death Star (long retired but available via Amazon or eBay), you now have a new LEGO Star Wars Death Star! With few improvements (and a $100 increase in the price tag), you may want to pick up the old version of the set if it saves you some money. For those fans that already have the set, there is a lot of disappointment in the community. They feel LEGO failed to take an opportunity to improve where it would have greatly been welcomed. If you want to read more on the set, along with the opinions of someone who already owns the original set, I recommend you read the Review: 75159 Death Star article on BrickSet by CapnRex101.

And there you have it, LEGO VIPs. Who’s off to the store to get your new sets?

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