What Sets Would You Buy With $1000 – 2016 Edition

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We spent most of the day cooking (not the plan) and since we had a Christmas in the 70’s (who would of thought it was flip flop weather in Georgia), we were sweltering most of the day. Other than the un-Christmas-like weather, it was a wonderful day.


The Amazon LEGO Shop

If, like us, you got a little cash, you’re probably itching to spend it adding to your LEGO stash. So, let’s pretend, like we did last year, that you received $1,000 from the LEGO store manager and you had an hour to spend it all.

There are so many new sets!

What would you buy?

Let’s use the prices at Amazon’s LEGO shop as a guide. Now go!

5 thoughts on “What Sets Would You Buy With $1000 – 2016 Edition

  1. I’m probably not the typical demographic of your followers, but let’s see what 40+ male AFOL would do with this.

    First off I set myself some rules:

    1. I can’t already own the set
    2. Sets in themes I already purchase
    3. Currently available set (Nothing retired nor not available yet.)

    I also did a comparison shop between amazon.com and shop.lego.com, since amazon doesn’t have exclusives.

    Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank 75151 – $93.99
    Star Wars Assault on Hoth – $249.99
    NEXO Knights General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom Building Kit – $39.73
    NEXO Knights Jestro’s Volcano Lair Building Kit – $87.99
    The Batman Movie Arkham Asylum Breakout – $299.00
    The Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack – $16.82
    The Batman Movie The Joker Notorious Lowrider – $44.73
    The Batman Movie The Batmobile – $54.67
    The Batman Movie Batcave Break-in – $98.95

    Total $985.87

    Thought process:
    I have all the current Star Wars sets that I would normally purchase, so the the Turbo Tank and Hoth sets fall into the would be nice to have category. I’m a huge NEXO Knights fan and these two sets would finish off my collection of currently available sets. I am really looking forward to The Batman Movie. These sets look great! The minifigures in theses sets make you want them all.

    Star Wars Death Star – $499.99 (Exclusive)
    The Disney Castle – $349.99 (Exclusive)
    Volkswagen Beetle – $99.99 (Exclusive)
    NEXO Knights General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom – $49.99

    Total : $999.96

    Thought Process:
    Someone gives you a $1000 LEGO spending spree… you go for the big guns! The Death Star and The Disney Castle are a no brainer and both are on everyone’s wish list. at the retail price they make short work of the funds. What’s not to love about the Volkswagen Beetle? I really need to get this one before it retires. With $50 left to spend I go to my first list and grab some NEXO Knight.

    1. I always love to hear from you Dana! You bring a different perspective that I appreciate. :)

      Agreed on Shop.LEGO.com – I wasn’t thinking about the Exclusives… and yes, they would quickly eat up the $1,000 gift.

      A Death Star would definitely be on my list… I still have visions of hanging it over my Christmas tree poised for destruction… but you know who won’t go for it. :/ Whomp. Whomp.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I would buy Lego Elves Ragana’s magic shadow castle ,Lego Friends grand hotel,Some pick a brick stuff,Lego City Police Station,and Lego elves naida’s epic adventure ship

    1. The LEGO Friends Grand Hotel is a good choice! Mr. Family Brick is working on an expanded MOC of it for display at shows!

    2. BTW, Thomas, I got your question and tried to respond, but the server says your mailbox doesn’t exist. Maybe an error in the email you gave me?

      However, if you tell me a little about what you’ve built so far, I can give you some ideas on what to build now. :)

      Thanks for writing in!

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