Starting August 2016, LEGO Minifigure Swap Monday is EVERY Monday!

Get ready to swap! Starting August, LEGO Minifigure Swap Monday is becoming an every Monday event!

Here are the details below:


LEGO Minifigure Swap Mondays

Now you can participate in a LEGO® Minifigure Swap day any Monday! Bring in a Minifigure of your own or visit the Build a Minifigure station to create and buy new ones. Then, you’ll get to meet up with other fans and trade for new Minifigures! It’s a fun and easy way to switch up your collection. Open to kids ages 6-14 only.

Again, the event is only open to kids ages 6-14, but your mileage may vary with your store.

And if you’re looking to swap sooner, next month’s LEGO Minifigure Swap day is July 18th.

Are you excited about the change? How often do you think you’ll take your kids to swap now?


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