LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project

I haven’t written about a LEGO Ideas project in quite a while. There’s been plenty of things to write about! However, I remember… in one of my sleepy hazes as I fell asleep late at night… Mr. Family Brick mentioned something to me about a LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas project.  So off I went this morning in search of it…

If you haven’t seen this Ideas project, it is quite awesome. Here is the video and the description from their Ideas project page:

Play out your favorite stories, or create new ones of your own, using the LEGO pop-up book!  Check out the video below to see it in action.

The book features a simple and reliable mechanism that pops up a structure when the book opens, and pulls it back in when the book closes. The main scene and surrounding details can be completely customized to tell any story you can imagine, – a cottage in the woods, jungle ruins, medieval castle, wild west building, space station, pirate ship – the possibilities are endless.

There is also room to store Minifigs and other accessories inside the book, and it features a locking clasp to keep everything securely inside when it is closed.

We suggest the set include enough pieces to build at least two core scenes and include anywhere from 3 to 5 Minifigs. A selection of extra Minifig parts could also be included so the actors can be outfitted for different roles, making them more suited to tell a variety of stories.

This is a collaborative project created by Grant Davis (Grant_Davis_) and Jason Allemann (JKBrickworks).

Thanks for your support!


If you don’t have time to watch the video, you can check out the images from their project page here:

As it turns out, this project came to be because of Grant. He has played with the idea of LEGO pop-up books for a while. You can see an initial pop-up video here:

In collaboration with Jason from JK Brickworks, they were able to improve on the pop up function of the book. I think they did an excellent job.


You should also watch the LEGO Pop-Up Book Adventures video if you have some time. It showcases the Little Red Riding Hood build in the original video, plus a few other storybook tales, with voice over narrations. It’s very cute.


My take on the LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project

I cannot love it any more than I do. This is such a smart idea. With the ability to swap out scenes to whatever you or your kids want to play with, it is such an awesome idea. I especially love the improvement of a clasp on the book, making it portable without fear of losing any minifigures or other beloved pieces.

Ideally, replacing the book cover tan color bricks with another eye catching color would make the book cover itself more attractive. Adding a mosaic design to the cover would also give it some additional appeal. Maybe even building in storage pegs or claws for accessories and minifigures, so they don’t move and rattle while in storage would be an excellent improvement.

Can you tell I REALLY love this idea?

If you haven’t already come to the conclusion, I highly recommend you support the LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project right now! Go vote!

What do you think of the LEGO Pop-Up Book Ideas Project? Would you buy one if it made it as a project?

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