LEGO Family Game Night – October 14th & 28th

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I almost missed giving you guys a heads up about this event! It wasn’t until I was talking to my boss and suggested he take his kid to the LEGO Family Game Night, that I remembered I *never* blogged about it! So, if you’re looking for something to do, you should definitely check it out.


What is LEGO Family Game Night?

LEGO Family Game Night


This is a brand new event LEGO is trying out at your local store, so I’m not sure exactly what to expect! Here is the description from the back of the flyer (and just so you know, there are a few affiliate links in the following text):

Family Game Night

October 14 & 28


Do you like to play board games? Bring in the family to play Who Am I? and the Pirates Chess set! It’s a great opportunity to try before you buy. Just for participating, the LEGO Store will offer Who Am I? ($39.99) at 50% off when you purchase a Pirates Chess set ($59.99). Game night registration may be necessary, please visit or call your local store for details.


Games you can play on LEGO Family Game Night

The two sets they mention above are:

LEGO What Am I? (40161)

LEGO What Am I? Game 40161

Notice, I listed the set as “What Am I?”. That’s because that is the actual name of the set. Whomever wrote the text for the back of their calendar got it wrong. If you’ve never played this game, it’s definitely a load of fun.

The premise is you ask yes/no questions to guess your opponent’s minifigure or small build. LEGO includes 16 buildable and removable minifigures with the game, or you can use your own minifigures! (That’s awesome for those of you who have extensive minifigure collections!)

The game also comes with building instructions for the game boards and rules for playing. Best of all, you can use the game case to store the game between uses.

For those of you whom have played Battleship, it’s a bit reminiscent of that.

The LEGO What Am I? (40161) was released this year (2016) and sells for $39.99.


LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158)

LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158)

If you haven’t seen the Pirates Chess set in person, the LEGO Family Game Night is an excellent time to do so. I guarantee you will want to buy one… even if you don’t play chess!

Don’t know how to play chess? The instructions devote a page to illustrations showing a few ways you can win, but I don’t see any actual instructions. If you need to learn how to play chess, you should check out this website that teaches kids how to play chess.

With the chess set, you build a beach-themed board and assemble the 32 colorful, brick-built playing pieces. The set includes 20 minifigures of pirates and Bluecoats, with assorted weapons and accessories.

The LEGO Pirates Chess Set (40158) was released last year (2015) and sells for $59.99.


We won’t be able to go tonight, as we have small group on most Friday nights, but we may be able to go on the second game night. I’d love to hear from you how the night turned out!

Are you going to LEGO Family Game Night? What are your first thoughts about the event? 

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