February LEGO Valentine’s Day Events for Kids and AFOLs Alike!

LEGO has clearly been listening to its adult fans. If you take a look at the back of the February 2017 LEGO calendar, you will see there is not only and event for kids, but adults, too! So let’s check out the LEGO Valentine’s Day Events for kids and AFOLs alike!


Kids Valentine’s Day Building Event

February 2017 LEGO Monthly Calendar - Kids Valentine's Day Building Event

From the LEGO calendar:

February 11

This exclusive event is for LEGO VIPs only! Visit the LEGO Store to meet and build with other LEGO fans! Take part in a LEGO rose mini model build and you’ll get to bring your creation home. This special event has limited space so sign up early. See a Brick Specialist to register starting January 1.

In addition to the LEGO Monthly Mini Build and the new LEGO Life meetings, there is an additional event for kids. Call the store to sign up and bring your kid in to make a LEGO rose.


Adult Building Night

February 2017 LEGO Monthly Calendar - Adult Building Event

From the LEGO calendar:

February 14, 6-8PM

For the first time, we are offering a unique build night for adult fans of LEGO! Come to the LEGO store to meet other LEGO-loving adults and build a Valentine’s themed mini model to take home. Registration may be necessary, please see a Brick Specialist for details. This activity is intended for ages 18+.

Same as the kids event, adults will be building a LEGO rose.

Now, while I’m super excited to see what seems to be the first of its kind of event, I have two issues/concerns:

  1. I’m curious to see how LEGO will manage to keep this evening strictly for adults. When we went to what was marketed as the AFOL build night at Barnes & Noble, we ended up not being able to build. Parents brought their young kids to the event and they effectively took all the available building spots. Barnes & Noble only broke out 2 sets per store, which made it even more difficult to get a chance to build.

    We ended up leaving that event without so much as participating, since we didn’t want to be the “mean adults” who pushed out the little kids from playing with LEGO.  ;)  I’m sure LEGO employees will be better than the Barnes & Noble employees about making it clear who are the target participants. Or let’s hope so, since I’m sure plenty of adults will be bummed about not getting to build.

  2. What is up with the event being on the 14th? Our LUG had plenty of comments for that:

I find it funny that they assume AFOLs wouldn’t already have plans on February 14th. I don’t but that’s besides the point. 

All AFOLs are single right?

Yeah, we are just a bunch of introverted nerds with nothing better to do. Lol.

And my absolute favorite comment:

So it’s a test… What/whom do I love more… LEGO or my non-LEGO building spouse/significant other?

I’m so lucky my other half loves LEGO and am sure he would think a LEGO night out as a “romantic” event.  ;)

What do you guys think of the adult LEGO building night?

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