LEGO Junior Vacation Fun Classic Brick Box Contest

In the new ­LEGO Club Junior Magazine­, there’s a drawing contest for a  LEGO Classic Brick Box. We hardly ever do the contests, but this time, I decided I’d let The Little Brick have a go.

LEGO Club Junior Vacation Fun Classic Brick Box Contest

The idea for the contest is to draw Max on a summer vacation at his destination. So we spent Sunday afternoon talking about where Max would go for his vacation. The Little Brick suggested the beach (of course) and the jungle.

It was a good exercise for her, since she immediately stressed when she tried to draw Max and other elements of her chosen vacation destinations. I’m not much of an artist, but I did take the time to show her most things can be broken down to drawings of simple symbols… squares, rectangles, circles, etc… It made her much happier to see that and off she went confidently drawing new things.

I asked her which of the two drawings she wanted to send in and she said the beach, so here I present to you her drawing of Max at the beach:

Max with seashells and pompom tree at the beach with a friend.
Max with seashells and pompom tree at the beach with a friend.


It feels more like Max went to visit a Dr. Suess beach, but I’m not sure she would get that reference… The Little Brick is excited about the box and asks me everyday if she got it. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of a “contest”.

We just realized earlier this year that The LEGO Group stopped sending both The LEGO Club and The LEGO Club Junior magazines to those little brick builders that are younger than the 6+ age group for the original magazine. Or they realized we were getting two magazines at the house. Or our 2 year subscription simply ran out. Don’t know which it is really. We are a little sad, as we enjoyed the other magazine as well and find the Club Junior one to be a bit on the kiddie side for us. Regardless, The Little Brick is definitely in the Club Junior age group, so she is getting the right one.

If you have a little potential brick builder and you’re not getting the magazine, go sign up. You get games, alternate builds and short stories to pass the time. The best part? It’s free!

What is your favorite part about the LEGO Club magazines?

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